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Best Pet Care

2013 Best Pet Care, Pet Sitting

The Urban Hound

There are pets, and then there are babies who just happen to have fur. For the four-legged companions in the latter camp, the Urban Hound […] read more»
2012 Best Pet Care, Dog Sitting

Fenway Bark

Oh, the guilt of dropping the dog off at a crummy boarding facility before you embark on a five-star vacation. This baseball-themed complex, complete with […] read more»
2005 Best Pet Care


Hosing down Fido is simple at this ingenious self-service canine salon in Fresh Pond, where dog owners dunk squirming pooches into stainless-steel industrial sinks equipped […] read more»
2004 Best Pet Care, North


Care to try some terrier-misu? Or perhaps the matching pet-owner jewelry is more up your alley. Regardless, the two-legged and four-legged alike are barking up […] read more»
2004 Best Pet Care

Dog Day Afternoons

Dog Day Afternoons bills itself as the city’s first prep school for pooches, which sounds a bit ridiculous—unless, of course, you happen to be someone […] read more»
2003 Best Pet Care


Need someone to look after your critters? While you’re away, DoggieDay will walk Spot four times a day, clean Fifi’s litter box, grab your mail, […] read more»
2002 Best Pet Care

Paws to Consider

Jamaica Plain
Even the bad pun can’t keep us away from a pet service this efficient, loving, and dependable. Owner Scot Jones clearly cares for his four-legged […] read more»
1997 Best Pet Care

Pet Companions

The dog lovers at Somerville’s Pet Companions never call what they do kenneling, a term which implies confinement. Those in the know refer to Pat […] read more»
1996 Best Pet Care, Emergency Animal Care and Place to Pick Up a Pet

Angell Memorial Animal Hospital

Jamaica Plain
No matter what ails your pet, no matter what kind of pet you have, no matter what time of day or night—the folks at Angell […] read more»