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Best Day Spa, North

2011 Best Day Spa, North

Pyara Spa and Salon

In a land of office parks, Pyara is quite the oasis: a serene sanctuary where the only to-do lists include hot stone massages, Ayurvedic shirodhara […] read more»
2009 Best Day Spa, North


The full name is ‘Dayle’s European Skin Care and Day Spa,’ yet ‘Dayle’s’ captures the friendly essence of this little gem, founded in ’84 by […] read more»
2008 Best Day Spa, North


Paying someone just to hand you towels (Mariah) or perfume your path with gardenia (J.Lo) is a bit whoa!crazy. Still, Hollywood divas, with their creamy […] read more»
2007 Best Day Spa, North

Alexander’s Spa and Salon

Near the entrance of this winsome little spa is a spotlighted chair emblazoned with “Maria Lekkakos” in bold script. Diva alert? Hardly. When the petite […] read more»
2006 Best Day Spa, North

Andrew Michaels

A world apart from its strip mall brethren, the Andrew Michaels spa—situated among the white-brick columns of the old Salem public library—earns devotees with such […] read more»
2005 Best Day Spa, North

Maison Esthetique Christiane Bourque Spa

Christiane Bourque, wife of former Bruin Ray, has created a European-style spa with lovely little touches (perfumed sachets in every locker) and heavenly big ones […] read more»