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Best Eyebrow Shaping

2003 Best Eyebrow Shaping, West

Elena Vyunskovskaya, Blue

A good brow specialist can change a face. Elena Vyunskovskaya can do it in a few minutes. And while her consultations are unhurried and attentive, [...] read more»
2003 Best Eyebrow Shaping

Julie Michaud

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, do yourself a favor and let brow virtuoso Julie Michaud hold the tweezers. Her sense of [...] read more»
2002 Best Eyebrow Shaping

Julie Michaud, Michaud Cosmetics

A good eyebrow artist can change your face, but a great one can change your world. Part therapist, part girlfriend, and all parts godsend, Julie [...] read more»
2001 Best Eyebrow Shaping

Julie Michaud, Michaud Cosmetics

The team at Michaud Cosmetics has brow shaping down to a fine art. Errant strays are whisked away, and the brow is coaxed into movie [...] read more»
1999 Best Eyebrow Shaping

Jully Michaud, Michaud Cosmetics

Michaud's been painting models' faces for more than a decade but recently opened a studio to cater to the masses. She's a plucker, not a [...] read more»