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Best Hair Colorist

1995 Best Hair Colorist

Ann at Ecocentrix

Ann is an artist when it comes to color, creating natural multitoned shades that Mother Nature might have devised, had she not been otherwise occupied. read more»
1995 Best Hair Colorist, Suburban

Margie at Changes

Chestnut Hill
If the thought of parking on Newbury Street gives you hives, wheel into the lot beside Changes and ask for Margie to turn your bad […] read more»
1994 Best Hair Colorist

Geneses Salon

What better way to cure a case of the drabs than to change your hair color? Whether you want a few streaks or a drastic […] read more»
1992 Best Hair Colorist, Men's

Tint Elations

Annie Frisoli’s small, out-of-the-way shop is perfect for men who want to hide their face as well as their roots. read more»
1990 Best Hair Colorist


They’ll highlight your life. Then they’ll enliven your highlighted hair—without damaging it. read more»