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Best Maternity Clothing

2008 Best Maternity Clothing


Refreshingly chic silhouettes from Olian, Ripe, Paper Denim, and Inca Mama are enough to recommend Helena’s. So are the racks of nonmaternity styles, which include […] read more»
2006 Best Maternity Clothing


This tucked-away kaleidoscope of a boutique takes mommy chic seriously. Owner Patricia Marks-Martinovich sells richly patterned Diane von Furstenberg dresses and trim Chaiken pants, and […] read more»
2005 Best Maternity Clothing

9 Months

Style and comfort: two concepts once forsaken by expectant moms. That is, until Katie Tagliavia’s new shop gave a maternity-sized shout-out to pregnant women everywhere. […] read more»
1993 Best Maternity Clothing, Deal

Mothers Work outlet

Who wants to spend big money on clothes that they won’t be able to stand the sight of after nine months? This outlet stocks surprisingly […] read more»
1990 Best Maternity Clothing

From Here to Maternity

Cambridge and Newton Center
A good selection of sophisticated maternity dresses—even some with sequins. read more»
1989 Best Maternity Clothing

Veronique Delachaux

A French fashion-magazine editor’s answer to frumpy maternity boutiques. From trendy sportswear to baby-power business suits. read more»
1989 Best Maternity Clothing, Rental

From Here to Maternity

Step out in style in one of this store’s two dozen formal dresses—about $50 for three days worth of revelry. read more»
1988 Best Maternity Clothing

From Here to Maternity

Good play and work clothes that don’t look like cow covers. read more»
1987 Best Maternity Clothing

The Studio

The maternity section is tiny, but the saleswomen fit you with “regular” clothes that will look smart postpartum. read more»
1984 Best Maternity Clothing

Ann Taylor

Even if you’re not pregnant, you can walk in blindfolded and come out put together. read more»