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Best Breakfast

1998 Best Breakfast, Cheap

The Neighborhood

Do the math: $4.39 = orange juice, three eggs, home fries, fresh fruit or cream of wheat, toast, coffee and a plateful of pastries. All […] read more»
1995 Best Breakfast, Cheap

Bob the Chef’s

If you can beat two eggs, your choice of breakfast meat, hot bread, grits or home fries, juice, and coffee for five bucks, let us […] read more»
1994 Best Breakfast, Treat

The Blacksmith House Bakery & Cafe

Lighter than pound cake, sweeter than brioche, this shop’s kuchen—a slightly lemony cake studded with raisins—is a revelation when spread with a little butter while […] read more»
1994 Best Breakfast, Power

Seasons at the Bostonian Hotel

We won’t name names, but many of the town’s movers and shakers do their moving and shaking over coffee in this elegant dining room. read more»
1989 Best Breakfast, Power

Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe

We’re talking real power—as in the power to win marathons and regattas. Let the so-called heavy hitters do their early-morning deals at the hoity-toity eateries. […] read more»
1988 Best Breakfast, Power


Where the politically elite meet to eat, including the O’Neills (Tom and Tip), Lieutenant Governor Evelyn Murphy, and Senate president William Bulger. read more»
1987 Best Breakfast, Cheap

Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe

Cranberry French toast, blueberry pancakes, and pols. read more»
1987 Best Breakfast, Idea

Muffins at Rudi’s

Moist, dense, and perfect, even on a Monday morning. read more»
1987 Best Breakfast, Power

The Ritz Cafe

Even better if the matîre d knows your name and whether you like coffee or tea. read more»
1986 Best Breakfast

Ritz Café

Very Brahmin—and don’t skip the muffin basket. read more»
1985 Best Breakfast, Cheap

Andy’s Diner

This neighborhood favorite serves outstanding French toast. read more»
1985 Best Breakfast, Power

The Ritz Café

Even though Kevin White’s left City Hall, key deals are still struck here. And the food’s good. read more»
1984 Best Breakfast

Café Plaza, Copley Plaza Hotel

read more»
1983 Best Breakfast

The Café Plaza

Gorgeous room, and—unlike the equally prestigious Ritz—only twice as expensive as other places. read more»
1983 Best Breakfast, Cheap

Charlie’s Sandwich Shoppe

Still not gentrified. Still great. read more»