Best of Boston

Best Ice Cream

1996 Best Ice Cream, Boston

Herrell’s Ice Cream

The ice cream created by the original ice cream genius, Steve Herrell. He’s still got it, as each delectable flavor from maple cream to malted […] read more»
1996 Best Ice Cream, North Shoe

White Farms

The key lime pie, complete with a ripple of graham-cracker crust, is remarkable. So is Coco Jamocha Chip, coffee-mocha ice cream spiked with rum and […] read more»
1995 Best Ice Cream

Ron’s Gourmet Ice Cream & Twentieth Century Bowling

Hyde Park
Super homemade ice cream in flavors like Peanut Surprise (chocolate with a swirl of peanut butter), plus 10 lanes of candlepin bowling. Can you think […] read more»
1995 Best Ice Cream, Suburban

Richardson’s Ice Cream

Sure, the ice cream is terrific, but half the fun at this popular stand is the accompanying entertainment: a batting cage, a driving range, a […] read more»
1995 Best Ice Cream, Sundaes

Cabot’s Ice Cream and Restaurant

Fulfill your most outrageous ice-cream fantasies by choosing from a five-page ice-cream menu, or create your own combinations from more than two dozen hot and […] read more»
1993 Best Ice Cream, Flavors


Nobody can top flavors like Mexican chocolate, Belgian chocolate, cinnamon-nutmeg, and cocoa pudding. read more»
1993 Best Ice Cream


The great ice cream war still rages. We come down on the side of good flavors (chocolate pudding, pumpkin, black raspberry) and incredibly dense texture. read more»
1991 Best Ice Cream


Allston, Cambridge, and Brookline
This is what ice cream is all about—dense, rich, and packed with flavor. read more»
1990 Best Ice Cream, Flavors

Toscanini’s Ice Cream

The only thing more intense than the flavors at Toscanini’s is Roger Clemens’s fastball. And nothing beats the variety. read more»
1990 Best Ice Cream

Herrell’s Ice Cream

Boston and Cambridge
There’s nothing fluffy about Steve Herrell’s ice cream—it’s the densest and richest in town. read more»
1989 Best Ice Cream


We’ll lick as fast as they can crank. read more»
1987 Best Ice Cream


Creamy and dreamy. Grown-up flavors without hype. read more»
1984 Best Ice Cream


In a quiet, understated way. Try the gingersnap molasses. read more»
1984 Best Ice Cream, Drink, Alcoholic

Frozen margarita at J.C. Hillary’s

Made with lime sherbet. read more»