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Best Music Venue, Small

2018 Best Music Venue, Small

The Sinclair

Sure, it lacks the grit of some of the area’s older music venues, but in return it has every touring indie band on its calendar, [...] read more»
2017 Best Music Venue, Small

The Sinclair

With a cozy, intimate vibe and a who's-who of trendy touring acts (upcoming headliners include Sonic Youth legend Thurston Moore), the Sinclair has in short [...] read more»
2012 Best Music Venue, Small

Brighton Music Hall

Like its predecessor, Harper's Ferry, Brighton Music Hall is essentially a dive bar with a big stage and cheap drinks—the perfect venue for indie headliners. [...] read more»
2009 Best Music Venue, Small

T.T. the Bear’s Place

Somewhere between a band's first roadie and their first rider, they play T.T.'s, a beer-soaked cranny in Central Square now in its third decade. For [...] read more»
1992 Best Music Venue, Small

The Middle East Restaurant

Best now, with its mix of jazz and international music in its back room. And better this fall, when the owners expand into the enormous [...] read more»