Best of Boston

Best Brunch, Hotel

1992 Best Brunch

Hotel Meridien

The competition is getting fierce, but of all the great brunches in town, the Meridien's is the best. read more»
1988 Best Brunch

St. Cloud

Big glass windows overlook the new South End. It's the (fresh) berries. read more»
1983 Best Brunch

The Last Hurrah

The food's not that much better than at other spots. But the other spots don't have Bo Winiker's swing band to serenade you. read more»
1978 Best Brunch

Parker’s, in the Parker House

Besides the usual, this elegant establishment offers finnan haddie, pate, hearts of palm, lamb chops, veal Marsala, croissants, and live jazz harp music—all for $8.50. [...] read more»
1974 Best Brunch

The Falstaff Room

The Falstaff Room at the Sheraton Boston has a fountain spouting Bloody Marys and unlimited eggs, seafood, muffins and pastries. Open only on Sundays, it [...] read more»