Best of Boston

Best Clothing

2016 Best Clothing, Swimwear

Everything But Water

In a region with four distinct seasons, it can be near impossible to find a retailer that stocks bathing suits year round. Rather than resign [...] read more»
2008 Best Clothing, Teen


Chestnut Hill
The store's Y.E.S. department gets an A for its peppy shop-to-the-beat soundtrack and expansive layout (almost an entire floor), and an A-plus for its up-to-the-minute [...] read more»
2007 Best Clothing, Coats


At Stel's, an edgy, unexpected collection of statement coats for men and women from Reyes, A.P.C, and Gary Graham makes winter something we can actually [...] read more»
2007 Best Clothing, Winter Gear

Joe Jones Wilderness House

Take two snowboard enthusiasts, one a black-diamond shredder, the other a bunny-slope first-timer. Drop them off at Joe Jones and check back in an hour. [...] read more»
2006 Best Clothing, One-Stop Shopping

Barneys New York

You have nothing to wear to the Best of Boston party, which is tomorrow. Hustle your Manolos over to Copley's new superstore, where clothing designers [...] read more»
2006 Best Clothing, Winter Gear

Ski Market

Year after year, we find new winter gear we can't live without. So year after year, we revisit Ski Market. The store caters to everyone [...] read more»
2005 Best Clothing, One-Stop Shopping

Louis Boston

Louis's unparalleled offering of women's designs by fashion darlings including Marni, Tuleh, and Zac Posen—not to mention a formidable men's collection with everything from Brioni [...] read more»
2003 Best Clothing, One-Stop Shopping

Louis Boston

You know who you are—your entire wardrobe is made up of this-season separates (or you wish it were). In either case, you already know about [...] read more»
2002 Best Clothing, One-Stop

Louis Boston

Louis Boston is fast becoming the Tom Hanks of one-stop shopping. In a category with increasingly stiff competition, Louis returns year after year to win [...] read more»
2002 Best Clothing, Sale

Louis Boston

Fashionistas on a budget, don't despair. While Louis Boston can be a tough indulgence for the sartorially savvy yet financially challenged, all that changes twice [...] read more»
2001 Best Clothing, Outdoors, North

John Tarr Store

Come on, did those Ralph Lauren boots really keep you warm last winter? Is that Donna Karan raincoat really waterpoof? Serious New England weather demands [...] read more»
2001 Best Clothing, One-Stop Shopping

Louis Boston

Buyer Debi Greenberg scours the globe to find the in fashion for men and women alike. Her Back Bay store is known the world over [...] read more»
2001 Best Clothing, Sale

Men’s Suit Sale, Filene’s Basement

Every fall and spring, rack after rack of Ermenegildo Zegna, Calvin Klein, Joseph Abboud, and other highbrow treasures are wheeled out onto the Basement's packed [...] read more»
2000 Best Clothing, All-Around Store

Louis Boston

Determined to strike out against the WASP uniform of rumpled khakis, polo shirts, and sensible shoes, Debi Greenberg and dad Murray Pearlstein have revolutionized the [...] read more»