Best Charter Schools in Boston 2016

In our 2016 best schools issue, we explore the pros and cons of charter schools, a hot topic on this year’s ballot. As the fight between the pro-charter and anti-charter faithful reaches a fever pitch, what do the numbers say? For our annual rankings this year, we crunched the numbers on both Boston’s charter schools (shown here) and the area’s traditional public high schools. As always, sort the charts by what matters most to you: class size, student-to-teacher ratio, test scores, and so on. (Methodology and sources below.)

SchoolRankHigh School EnrollmentAvg. Class SizeStudent-to-Teacher Ratio10th Graders Scoring Proficient or Higher on MCAS Reading (%)10th Graders Scoring Proficient or Higher on MCAS Math (%)10th Graders Scoring Proficient or Higher on MCAS Science (%)Avg. SAT ReadingAvg. SAT WritingAvg. SAT MathAP Scoring 3-5 (%)College CounselorsVarsity Sports TeamsGraduation Rate (%)Attending College (%)
Advanced Math and Science Academy Charter School156119.913.01001009961962367088.431899.288.1
Rising Tide Charter Public School227617.811.2100948654955256778.919100.089.0
Pioneer Charter School of Science321217.210.9100949649249154943.263198.191.5
South Shore Charter Public School419417.411.095866354050952275.811091.597.2
Salem Academy Charter School520517.29.698758350249150648.811394.187.5
Foxborough Regional Charter School626922.515.3100938052149450053.931295.593.1
Mystic Valley Regional Charter School738922.714.51009688518506551No data21596.994.9
Prospect Hill Academy Charter School831821.612.199888949247748433.131392.398.1
Community Charter School of Cambridge923317.012.2100989143646351023.721094.085.3
Boston Collegiate Charter School1030621.510.8100979547749253451.62982.878.6
Kipp Academy Lynn Collegiate High School1142822.711.895838248847552941.54797.096.0
Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter Public School1222023.212.7100968449346547713.73892.987.1
Boston Preparatory Charter Public School1323022.112.098929244742951114.53880.096.2
Match Charter Public School1429820.614.893899049749352854.32772.790.0
City on a Hill Charter Public School Circuit Street1528413.111.2100968540639746312.12978.084.6
Edward M. Kennedy Academy for Health Careers (Horace Mann Charter School)1634118.812.294693742841642616.90693.584.4
Codman Academy Charter Public School1714718.510.68646234143804360.01971.994.1
Boston Green Academy Horace Mann Charter School1828814.910.77457223843894122.911377.366.1

Correction, September 14, 2016: Mystic Valley Regional Charter School has 15 varsity sports teams.

METHODOLOGY: This chart ranks public high schools in towns or districts that lie within, or partially within, I-495. To compile the list, we used the most recent data for each school available at press time from the Massachusetts Department of Elementary & Secondary Education and, in certain instances, information self-reported by the schools. In cases of missing information, we used data from a previous year when necessary. We omitted highly specialized schools and schools reporting insufficient information. To calculate the rankings, statistician George Recck, director of the Math Resource Center at Babson College, analyzed the results, comparing each high school’s data points to the overall average for all schools. He then applied a percentage weight to the standardized value for each school to create an aggregate “score,” and used this score to determine each high school’s rank. We considered it more desirable to have a smaller class size, a lower student-to-teacher ratio, and fewer students per college counselor and sports team.


Research by Alene Bouranova, Paola Cigui, Carolyn Freeman, Grace Gulino, Madeleine Maher, Olivia Paradice, and Samantha Pitkin