The Globe’s Bloodletting Ends?

Ever since we learned that Steve Bailey was leaving the Globe, we’ve been anxiously scanning the internet for rumors of who’d be fleeing the broadsheet next. While Bailey didn’t take the buyout offer that’s been on the table since February, Jackie MacMullan did to spend more time with her family. Rumors are flying that Gordon Edes hopes to jump to Yahoo! Sports and that basketball writer Peter May will leave soon, as well.

Romenesko obtained a copy of Globe editor Marty Baron’s memo to employees announcing the end of the buyout period.

Baron says that the paper has accepted 23 buyout applications from writers and newsroom staff. That, combined with ordinary departures and a hiring freeze, has kept the company away from mandatory layoffs.

Unfortunately for gossip-hungry folks like us, he doesn’t list the names of the departed, saying “I have chosen not to release one out of respect for employees who prefer not to have their names widely disseminated.”

Baron ends on an optimistic note.

We have gone through tough times, but our newsroom remains packed with talent. Our journalism remains strong. So many of you have been generous with your time, energy, and ideas in exploring ways to thrive in a new environment for all media. That process of reinvention continues in high gear, and we hope to be back in touch in a few weeks about the latest thinking and latest developments. Meantime, we can all look forward to more outstanding work.