Violence Is not the Answer to Yankees vs. Red Sox Fans

Times are tough for the New York Yankees and their fans. Hank Steinbrenner has been reduced to cursing about the marketing genius of the Red Sox front office as his team lingers near the basement of the AL East with lowly Toronto. Instead of being greeted with piques of misplaced rage, Yankees fans who wear gear in Boston are now greeted with sympathetic chuckles. But not all the time.

A Nashua, New Hampshire, woman allegedly killed a man after they had a fight about which team is superior.

Just when thought we’d eliminated the “Yankees Suck” chant from Fenway Park, this happens.

Prosecutors say [Ivonne] Hernandez told police she had four beers shortly before getting into the argument and that the confrontation upset her so much she drove her car toward the crowd hoping to scare them. She allegedly told officers she thought they would be smart enough to get out of the way.

We’ve said it before to our fellow Red Sox fans, and we’ll say it to those frustrated folks who wear pinstripes—enough with the baseball-related violence.

Thank you.