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1210076802It’s becoming a hobby for the state GOP: The party has filed a fourth ethics complaint against House Speaker Sal DiMasi. This time around, it’s about his relationship with developer Jay Cashman. [Globe]

But Sal’s getting in on the action too: The House has launched an ethics investigation into threatening comments a mystery legislator (both papers report James Vallee of Franklin made the comments) made to Rep. Jennifer Callahan on the House floor last week. [Herald, Globe]

Good to see she’s still got it: Retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor came out of retirement for the day yesterday and intimidated the hell out of lawyers who presented cases at the Federal District Court in Boston. [Globe]

Now that will give you a case of the Mondays: First Marblehead, a company that processes student loans, was forced to lay off 500 employees yesterday due to turmoil in the credit markets. [Herald]