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1215714167After all the terrible movies he’s made, we didn’t think Dane Cook was afraid of a little bit of crap: The Arlington native is in trouble with the law, fighting allegations that he allows his dog to poop all over the lawn of his apartment complex without cleaning it up. [New York Post]

Speaking of Number Two: A question that would decriminalize possession of small amounts of marijuana will be the second question on the November ballot in Massachusetts. Eliminating the state income tax will be Question One, and banning greyhound racing will be Question 3. Fire up the bumper sticker presses! []

Manny being chatty: During yesterday’s rout of the Minnesota Twins, Manny Ramirez ducked into the Green Monster to make a call. We just hope he washed his hands before dialing. [Deadspin]

Mitt Romney’s going to the RNC! . . . But just as the head of the Massachusetts state delegation. Will he be invited up on stage to become John McCain’s running mate? Stay tuned. [Herald]

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Clothes you can feel good about: We dig Bless by Bless Couture.

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