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1216384166Hope springs eternal: Last year’s lottery sales skyrocketed to $4.7 billion, an increase of $237 million. Lottery officials attribute the jump to the poor economy. Is “hooray” the appropriate response? [Herald]

That will make it hard for them to do weddings: Three women are set to be ordained as Catholic priests this weekend. The Archdiocese warns that if they do, they’ll automatically be excommunicated. [Globe]

Here’s a tip: A little old lady gave $100 to a toll collector on the Turnpike to “share.” Once the Turnpike Authority found out, they confiscated the money. Sadly, it won’t go towards paying down the agency’s debt—the collectors will donate it to a charity. [Herald]

McHigh Schools: State Treasurer Tim Cahill wants to create incentives for towns to build modest schools from a set design. Critics say it’s hard to use a one-size-fits-all template in Massachusetts, but Cahill says it will save the state money and prevent more “Taj Mahal” high schools. (We’re looking at you, Newton.) [Globe]