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1217507588One kidnapper is found: Alleged killer and kidnapper Rodlyn Petitbois was found in Brooklyn last night, along with his four children and their mother. [Globe]

While Mr. Crockafeller is still at large: Having a yacht, untraceable gold bullion, and no discernible identity really makes staying incognito easier, doesn’t it? [Herald]

Yet another nasty side-effect of the general practitioner shortage: Boston’s retirement board is waiting for a second opinion on the health of bodybuilding firefighter Albert Arroyo before it decides whether or not he’ll get a disability pension. Arroyo’s lawyer says he hopes to have the diagnosis by mid-August. [Globe]

Wait. Who still uses AOL? A new America Online survey ranks Boston as the 16th most email addicted city in America. The study also found that 62 percent of Bostonians check their mail while in the bathroom. [Herald]