Reviewing the Interviews

1218031257We finally got a glimpse into the minds of two men who’ve dominated the headlines most of the summer. Alleged kidnapper Clark Rockefeller and bodybuilding firefighter Albert Arroyo both gave interviews this weekend.

But which was the most insightful, and which left us more curious than when we started? After the jump, we break it down.

Albert Arroyo, WTKK
Money quotes: From the Herald: Asked whether jealousy of his physique played a role in the controversy, Arroyo said, “I think it does play a role.” Yes, we’re sure the other firefighters are intensely jealous of how good Arroyo looks in a brown Speedo.

From the Globe: Arroyo smiled as the caller—Bill, a former competitive body-builder—said he did not believe Arroyo could have achieved his muscular condition with the injury he claims.

“He doesn’t know my background,” Arroyo replied. What “background” would leave a man so muscular, but unable to climb stairs?

Overall impression: Reviewing Arroyo’s job description gets boring after the first few minutes. Once residents saw Arroyo flexing while out on disability they decided he’s a crook, so there’s not much the bodybuilding firefighter can say at this point to change their mind, especially now that the Boston Fire Department has ruled he won’t get his job back.

Clark Rockefeller, Globe
Money quote: On whether he’s a member of the famed Rockefeller family: “As far as I know, I’m not,” he said, but then added: “I could very well be.” Thanks for clearing that up.

Overall impression: The medium is to blame for why this interview left us cold. We’ve seen the still images of Rockefeller since he kidnapped his daughter on July 27—we wanted to get a feel for the con man himself by hearing his voice and seeing his mannerisms. The audio slideshow on helped, but this one would have required a bombshell admission to live up to the hype.

Clark Rockefeller, Today Show
Money quote: On whether he’s related to the famed Rockefeller family: “Perhaps at some point we can do a DNA test to really find out.” Honestly, save it for Maury, Clark.

Overall impression: While Kevin Cullen may be disappointed his girl Kathie Lee Gifford didn’t land the exclusive, Natalie Morales grills Rockefeller to our satisfaction. The NBC interview finally gives us a glimpse at Rockefeller in action, talking about the Stilton and sherry he and his wife were known for, as well as the reason why he kidnapped his daughter. We can’t wait until his case gets the Dateline treatment.

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