Existential Quandary: Deval and the DNC, or Sox/Yanks?

1219781996We like to think we have all the answers for life’s thorniest questions. However, from time to time we’re faced with a Sophie’s Choice-like conundrum that leaves us stumped.

Which brings us to what we should watch on television tonight. Gov. Deval Patrick takes the podium at the Democratic National Convention at 7 p.m. to discuss Barack Obama’s economic policies. At the same time, the Red Sox start their last stand at Yankee Stadium.

Both events are historic. Both will be analyzed to death tomorrow. After the jump, we tell you which one to watch.

Reason to watch the DNC: Gov. Patrick’s national debut
Yes, our governor stumped for the presumptive Democratic nominee during the contentious primaries. But for most of the delegates, this is their first exposure to Patrick. (Unless you count the bits of his speeches they’ve already heard from Obama.)

Reason to not watch the DNC: Apparently, Patrick doesn’t want to go national
The Herald reports that Patrick is trying to avoid too much attention, lest he fuel the rumors that he’s secretly planning to pull a Romney (or Cellucci, or Weld) and flee the Bay State for a high-profile gig in Washington. If his energies are as fixated on Massachusetts as he says, Patrick will save his best oratory for when he comes home.

Reason to watch the Sox: Goodbye, Yankee Stadium
After the nauseating celebration of the House that Ruth Built during this year’s All-Star Game, it would be a Sox fan’s dream if the Yankees are soon knocked out of Wild Card contention. Especially during the Sox’s last visit to the old ballpark.

Reason not to watch the Sox: It’s a three-game series
We can always watch the Sox dismantle the Yankees tomorrow night.

Reason to watch the DNC: Metaphorical fireworks!
Gov. Patrick is just the opener for the night’s main event—Hillary Clinton’s primetime speech. Will we see Patrick and Clinton supporter Sal DiMasi come to blows before she takes the stage? It would take an awful lot of Italian food to undo that much damage to their relationship.

Reason to watch the Sox: More metaphorical fireworks!
Joba Chamberlain may be out of commission, but if a Yankees pitcher throws at Kevin Youkilis’ head again, there could be an all-out brawl.

Reason to watch the DNC: It only happens every four years
Admit it—you found yourself skipping some Red Sox games during the Olympics to watch Michael Phelps win another gold or to puzzle over whether or not those Chinese gymnasts really were 16-years-old. At this point, what’s another few missed innings?

Conclusion: Watch the Convention
It probably won’t be as breathtaking as last night’s appearance by Ted Kennedy, but we have to see how Gov. Patrick presents himself to the nation. Of course, this probably means the baseball gods will punish us by having Tim Wakefield throw a no-hitter and Jed Lowrie starting a brawl with Jason Giambi, but it’s a risk we’ll take.