House Hunting for Tom Brady

1219869128Today reports that Tom Brady is spending big money on real estate in Los Angeles. The website says that Brady dropped $11 million on a 3-acre parcel of land on the same Brentwood street that California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger lives on.

Oh, Tommy. You could have spent less closer to Foxboro and gotten so much more.

If Brady wanted access to a governor, he could have bought a place in Richmond, Massachusetts. Gov. Deval Patrick has a swanky vacation home in the small town near the New York border. We like this 5-bed, 4-bath palace that’s still under construction. One of those bedrooms is even handicapped-accessible, so if Brady’s foot keeps acting up, he won’t have to climb all those stairs.
Cost: $2,690,000
Acres: 7.5

Perhaps the QB, who attended George Bush’s 2004 State of the Union address, would be more comfortable near a conservative politico. If so, there’s always Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, the location of one of Mitt Romney’s four homes (one less than John Kerry!). This 5-bed, 4-bath house is also still under construction, and will allow Brady to see when Mitt is taking the grandkids out for a spin on Winnipesaukee.
Cost: $6,595,000
Acres: 3

TMZ reports that a source close to Brady (Will McDonough, is that you?) says the Pats star made the move to be near son John Edward Thomas Moynahan, although a source near Brady’s ex denies that. If the proud papa is worried about his boy, perhaps he should look into buying this farm in Carlisle?

Boston magazine named the Concord-Carlisle High School the Best Public High School in this month’s issue, so John would get a great education. And since there’s more than one home on the property, Bridget Moynahan could keep her son close to his dad without sacrificing her privacy.
Cost: $3,750,000
Acres: 49.3

He’s with Tom

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