The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

1219934006We haven’t experienced this kind of excitement since Christmas Eve, 1982, when our parents said they were pretty sure Santa would bring us a Cabbage Patch Kid. The Democratic National Convention wraps up tonight after Barack Obama’s highly-anticipated speech.

But the good times keep on rolling tomorrow, when John McCain is expected to announce his running mate. With any luck, it will be former governor Mitt Romney taking the stage with McCain in Ohio.

With all this excitement in the air, we’re never going to get to sleep tonight. But like our young selves on Christmas, we’re trying to keep our expectations low, just in case we don’t get what we’re hoping for.

Today’s Metro reports that the McCain campaign opened its Boston headquarters on Tremont Street. Which leads us to wonder—why couldn’t Mitt share his North End digs (read all about them here) with the man his political action committee supports?

Sure, it might be a little cramped with the Free and Strong America staffers sharing Commercial Street space with McCain’s Boston-based supporters. Yes, Mitt might have to give up the third-floor corner office if the candidate comes to town. But with Obama’s proven fundraising power, wouldn’t it make sense for the McCain campaign to save its pennies where it can?

Unless this is a sign that McCain isn’t planning on choosing Romney. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!

The suspense may actually kill us.