Can’t Find Palin Glasses? We’ve Got Theories

1221661276We had heard that the Kazuo Kawasaki frames worn by Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin were experiencing a surge of popularity, but we never could have fathomed that Massachusetts opticians are having a hard time keeping the titanium frames in stock.

The bluest state is hot for the glasses oh such a red-state favorite? What the hell is going on? We’ve got a couple of theories.

1. Halloween is coming up in about a month and a half, and the Democrats are just preparing to win the Palin costume contest at the state headquarters. If Boston Costume is experiencing a run on moose costumes and fake guns, we’ll know this is the case.

2. Perhaps the glasses are being most enjoyed in a less public venue. We bet that our liberal population has some perverse Republican role-playing fantasies, and Palin’s specs play a big part. We can imagine some Democratic staffer pinning her hair up and donning the glasses as her Daily Kos-loving boyfriend looks on.

“Tell me about your foreign policy experience.”

“I can see Alaska from my house!”

“Call me by that name the Sarah Palin Name Generator gave me!”

“Taupe Armageddon Palin! If you don’t behave, I’m going to ban books from your local public library.”

And we thought the Republicans were kinky.

Photo from Kazuo Kawasaki website