Zara’s Grand Opening

1206107663I’ve been waiting for Zara to open in Boston ever since I returned from studying abroad in Europe. The retailer debuted in Spain in 1975, and is now an internationally known fashion mecca in more than 61 countries. Thursday, my wish came true. Zara finally opened its doors at 214 Newbury Street inside the former Emporio Armani.

Yesterday, we hit the grand opening to start building our spring wardrobe. We arrived expecting a horde of women and men and a dressing room backup a la H & M. But it was surprisingly calm. We were able to shop comfortably and get in and out of the fitting rooms quickly (although we hate the six garments or less rule).

1206107653Inside, there are three floors of fashion, two floors for women, and one for men. The first floor boasts mostly work friendly clothing, while the second holds party worthy frocks and summer casual apparel. The third houses men’s goods.

With merch that’s a step above H&M, the quality is higher, including dresses made of 100 percent silk and other luxurious fabrics. And you’ll pay more for it too. Most dresses run from $79-$150, but there’s the occasional cotton dress for $35. Matching shoes and accessories are displayed alongside each outfit, making coordinating clothes a synch. The style also strikes a bit older than H&M, with an array of professional choices to choose from. They replenish the selection every two weeks, so new looks are always on hand.

1206107671My coworker and I both went home happy. I bought a 100 percent silk dress ($79, top) to wear to launch parties and to bring on my honeymoon, and another perfect party dress (middle, $79), ideal for my Vegas bachelorette. I even snuck in a work appropriate cotton dress in taupe (right, $35). In fact, my coworker and I both liked it so much, we couldn’t resist buying the same one. Now we’ll have to email each other a heads up when the other is going to wear it!