Catty Picks from the Newest Bostonista

1208368103You love Joanie. You got to know Tyra. Now, it’s time you meet the newest member of Bostonista‘s feline family, Margie.

We first fell in love with the 8-month-old tabby (with orange highlights) on a Saturday afternoon visit to the Animal Rescue League‘s South End shelter. Though all of the cats were cute, when the Chelsea stray reached her paw through the metal cage and picked us out, it was love at first sight. She was the one.

Margie’s been home with us for a week now. And though we suspected it since the moment we laid eyes on her sassy short-haired coat, Margie is proving to have terrific taste.

A few of her favorite things:

1208368227Just like it got us meowing, Margie adores Subversive’s jewelry line for Target. Especially this multi-chain necklace, which is fun to bat off the coffee table and drag across the room. Subversive for Target strand necklace, $29.99, Target,

For more intimate endeavors, disposable litter boxes offer Margie the luxury of a brand-new pan each week while keeping up with the eco-friendly trend. (Marge is very green chic.) Plus, they keep Bostonista‘s bathroom clean and guest-friendly. Kitty’s Wonderbox, $12.99 for three, PetCo,

And when a wet and wild mood strikes Margie, she enjoys gazing into glass tumblers before dumping them over. Though she knows this is not Bostonista‘s favorite game, she insists that she’s helping out by rinsing our night stand. Miguel Glasses, $5.95 each, Crate & Barrel,