In the Old Navy

1218037059Snobby isn’t exactly the right word for our approach to shopping. Particular is more like it. While we love a good pair of Prada pumps, we also appreciate the affordable good design happening over at Target. But there are some brands that just aren’t us.

We thought Old Navy was one of those chains. Until a few weeks ago, when an errand spree in South Bay Plaza changed our mind.

We first wandered into the cavernous store in search of a Peter Pan-collared blouse for an upcoming Fashion Masochist column. We walked out with an Ella Moss-esque striped sundress, a metallic gold knit dress that could easily pass for Helmut Lang, a Missoni-inspired bandeau bikini, and three cardigans (two striped, one solid black). All for under $150.

But were so thrilled with the high-end aesthetic that we forgot all about those annoying low-end sticker size tags. And after throwing on the black cardigan daily for two weeks in order to make our summer sundresses office appropriate, we realized—after our boss did—that we’d been rocking the size-medium strip down the side of said cardigan all along.

Boss: Is that a new sweater?

Bostonista: No

Boss: Are you sure?

Bostonista: Yeah, I’ve had it for a couple of weeks. Why?

Boss: I think there’s a tag or something on it.

Bostonista: No, I’ve been wearing it for a while.

Boss: Is it a size medium?

Bostonista: Awesome.