Bostonista Rationalizes: Why You Should Buy Luxury Linens During Financial Turmoil

1221763657Oh, excuse us, is this, like, not a good time to talk about shopping? Because maybe you’re thinking of laying low and subsisting on lentils for a while as you absorb the fact that your current 401(k) balance means you’ll be working until 2083?

How preciously cautious! And stupid! Here’s why you absolutely need something from the new Frette gift collection, available when the new Frette shop opens in the Mandarin Oriental building Oct. 1. (And it has nothing to do with the term “economic stimulus”…)

So remember the post-9/11 nesting impulse? It’s actually like (kind of) why we’re screwed today! But after we collectively freaked out and bought bigger fortresses homes to protect ourselves, and after we decorated them in warmly comforting colors, and after we installed rain shower heads, we realized that not even amazing water pressure could make us forget that armageddon might come tomorrow.

So then we all started buying a lot of supermarket wine and taking a lot of Zoloft. But that made us tired! And so everyone got really excited about 900,000-threadcount sheets.

And now, guess who gets the last laugh? Obviously the people who spent $2,000 on sheets! Because if you put $2,000 into mutual funds a while back, you have approximately $4 now. And if you started paying an extra $2,000 a month when your balloon mortgage exploded, you are probably homeless now. But $2,000 sheets continue to cocoon you in silky softness and hasten the effects of your alcohol-abetted sleeping aids.

Totally, totally worth it. Especially if you have nowhere to be at 9 a.m.!

Frette, 776 Boylston St., Boston,