Oh, Happy Day

1228336515Guess who’s turns one today? Yes, that’s right, we do! In the past 365 days—minus weekends, holidays, and our very occasional sick day—we’ve provided you with a steady fix of industry news, local gossip, party reports, fashion week happenings, and musings on every little odd thing we obsess about, just as we promised on day one.

Now, before you whip out the cake and gifts (you really shouldn’t have), take a nostalgic walk with us, will you?

We’ve pounded the pavement to find the best (and worst) our fair city—and sometimes, the world—has to offer. We gave you stuff to talk about with our thorough and unrelenting reporting on local scandals. We’ve advised you on where to shop, eat, party, work out, celeb watch, and get waxed; what to avoid; and how to buy a $200 blow dryer and shop by text.

We’ve also done our best to let you in on some pretty sweet deals. And gently rationalized why it’s okay to plunk down $2,000 for baby soft linens in an economic downturn. And test-drove but pads (twice!), overpriced French toothpaste, and a whole host of falsies. (We even learned that microbeads + self-tanner isn’t always the best idea.)

In celebrating a year of our existence, our only wish is that you embark on another round with us. Here’s to 12 more months of trends, style talk, beauty tests, nightlife recaps, and the occaisional fashion disaster. And since you absolutely keep insisting, we have been eyeing Dress’s new T-Luxury Keyhole top. In cream. Size medium. Thank you!