Kapoor at the ICA: A Dizzying Display

I’ll be the first to admit I know next to nothing about art, yet I still insist on visiting museums several times a year, so […]


Harvard Museum’s Stunning Rebranding

We here at Boston Daily are big fans of understated revolution. In January, we reeled after Boston University dramatically remade its logo to look shockingly […]

Arts & Entertainment

Keep Off the Grass, and Everything Else

Boston Common is one of our favorite outdoor places in the city. During the winter, it’s fun to watch college students sled on stolen cafeteria […]


Tom Hanks Brings John Adams to Boston

David McCullough’s granddaughters were livid. The five girls stood in a quiet corner near the red carpet for Boston premiere of John Adams, a seven-part […]


Artists Are Important to the Economy. Really

Back in our high school days, our parents were dismayed to see us leaning toward a career in the arts. Gone were the dreams of […]


The Writer’s Strike Is Over, and It’s Time to Party

Boston Daily is happy it’s an election year. Not only because we’re huge dorks, but because the endless parade of pundits on the news channels […]


We’re Looking For a Hero

The presidential primaries of 2008 will be remembered for two things—the incredibly close races in both parties and the importance of action star endorsements. The […]


Questions For. . . Sam Cornish

Boston has a long history of producing great writers and poets, but until last year nobody thought to create a poet laureate position to continue […]


Harvard Takes the Less-Traveled, Error-Riddled Road

Last year, Harvard University Press published the personal notebooks of Robert Frost. The 809-page compendium has been generally well received. The guy who edited it, […]


Mitt Romney Let the Dogs Out

While you may be off thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the presidential hopefuls are working. And after the controversy over Hillary Clinton’s remarks […]


Can the Poet Populist Be Recalled?

In November, the Cambridge Arts Council selected Peter Payack at the city’s first Poet Populist. Aside from the Soviet-sounding title, the Poet Populist gets a […]