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John Krasinski and His The Office Costars Just Recreated the “Forever” Dance on Zoom

Well, John Krasinski’s done it again. While we’ll always be partial to the episode of “Some Good News” from a few weeks ago, in which […]


Notable Bostonians Dish on the Local Restaurants They Crave during the COVID Shutdown

While more local restaurants are reopening every day for takeout, dining rooms remain closed as we enter the umpteenth week of Massachusetts’ stay-at-home order. Boston’s […]

tom brady brandon bolden
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Florida Man Tom Brady Ejected from a Tampa Park for Working Out During the Pandemic

I suppose it is only natural to crave wide-open spaces when you kiss your rambling, five-acre, Chestnut-Hill-Country-Club-abutting manse goodbye—but Tom Brady’s new town isn’t cutting […]

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Take an Unvarnished Look at the Homes of Your Fave Local Celebs

Celebs are typically not, despite what their publicists would have us believe, just like us. But these days the rich and famous are just as […]

mindy kaling
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Massachusetts, Give the Spotlight to Female Celebs Already

Boston, it’s time for a change. We’re a city on the move, three months into a new decade, and we can’t cling to the ways […]

City Life

Who Gets to Fake the Boston Accent?

Easily one of the most embarrassing things I did when I was at college in Maine was that I’d start talking in a fake Boston […]


Megan Rapinoe at the Mass Conference for Women: “F—k the System”

For as fiery and unreserved as Megan Rapinoe is on the soccer field, in person, her presence is calming, down to earth, and comforting. The […]

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Here’s What Your Favorite Boston Celebrities Are Wearing for Halloween This Year

Trick or treating might be postponed for the younger set, but that doesn’t mean that grown-ups can’t still have their fun. While the sun hasn’t […]

Eduardo Nunez #36, Eduardo Rodriguez #57, and Christian Vazquez #7 of the Boston Red Sox laugh with pitcher Luis Severino #50 of the New York Yankees during the 2018 Pedro Martinez Foundation Gala
Arts & Entertainment

Have a Ball at the Pedro Martinez Foundation Gala in Boston

Fifteen years ago, Pedro Martinez was having a very different autumn than he’s having right now. Then the Red Sox’s ace pitcher, Martinez helped the team […]

mindy kaling
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Mindy Kaling Says She Had to Battle the Emmys for an Office Producer Credit

From “Dinner Party” to “Goodbye Toby” to “Threat-Level Midnight,” Mindy Kaling has been credited as a producer on some of The Office’s most iconic episodes—but […]

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The Interview: Celebrity Events Planner Bryan Rafanelli

Whippet thin and always impeccably dressed, party planner extraordinaire Bryan Rafanelli is rarely without a smile, whether an act of God is threatening to derail […]

john cena
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Watch: John Cena Dances on Ellen, Proves He Shouldn’t Quit His Day Job

He might be a professional wrestler, actor, rapper, children’s book author and television host—but Ellen DeGeneres may have found the one thing that John Cena can’t do. During his […]

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Michelle Williams Was Calling Out Mark Wahlberg Last Night, Right?

For those of you who didn’t spend three hours of your Sunday watching the Emmys, there were a lot of odd choices, including anemic commentary from an […]

matthew broderick sarah jessica parker
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See Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker on Stage in Boston

Another exciting pre-Broadway run is set to hit the Emerson Colonial Theatre next year. Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker will be appearing in the […]

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Ken Jennings’ Gentle and Sweet Redefinition of “Masshole”

Ken Jennings, the affable trivia aficionado who is the all-time highest earner on Jeopardy!, has a new definition for what it means to be a “Masshole,” and […]