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Best of Boston 2009

After months of dining, shopping, and advice-seeking our way across the Hub, it’s here: your annual guide to the finest our city has to offer.

Summer Escapes! The Great(est) Lakes

Testing the waters across New England, we uncover nine beauties worth their salt—or lack thereof.


This Week's Mini-Consumer Index

An extension of the things we’re obsessed with this month: Ballet-inspired classes: Like the rest of the celeb-following world, we’ve been intrigued by trainer-to-the-stars Tracey […]


True Life of a Bostonista: I Want to Be a Patriots Cheerleader

The auditions for the 2009-2010 season Patriots cheerleading squad were held on Saturday at the Dana-Farber Field House At Gillette Stadium. Thanks to some prodding […]


Bostonista Previews: Project Mozart

We like classical music, but it’s tough to sit still and just listen. We need to be doing something creative while strings resound in the […]


Mini-Masochist: The $249 Sled

With all this snow, how are we supposed to maintain our girlish figure on weekends when the gym is 42 miles away and the sidewalks […]


Party Like It’s 2009

“What are doing for New Year’s Eve?” “I don’t know. What are you doing?” “Hitting up 21 parties.” “Can I come, too?” “Absolutely!” Check out […]


Game On!

At this point, we’re past Thanksgiving, and all that holiday’s typical accoutrements—unexpected relatives, post-turkey lethargy, valiantly trying to catch up with Great Aunt Agnes. And […]


Three Theme-party Ideas

Bostonista loves going to the most exclusive parties at the sweetest locales in town, but every now and then, we love to throw a proper […]


Oh, Happy Day

Guess who’s turns one today? Yes, that’s right, we do! In the past 365 days—minus weekends, holidays, and our very occasional sick day—we’ve provided you […]


Eagerly Awaiting the ANTM FINALE

It’s that time of year again. Tomorrow night a new America’s Next Top Model will be crowned and too-sweet-for-comfort Whitney’s unmerited stint as the reigning […]


A Night at the Theater

Outside of low-budget school plays and small-town versions of the Nutcracker, it had been some time since we’d taken in a real production, so we […]


Bostonista Endorses: Cringe

So we’re pretty sure the real tragedy of FacebookTumblrTwitter has nothing to do with mind-boggling indiscretion, nor with the irretrievable loss of an hour at […]

Arts & Entertainment

Boston at the Emmys

Did you catch the Emmys last night? Yeah, so did we. It was like watching a four-hour episode of The Office—it was awkward, nobody liked […]


Bad Kitty Makes Great Art

If you dig art but hate pretense, or just want to revel in others’ ineptitude, head over to the Museum of Bad Art’s (MOBA) installation […]