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The Little Women Trailer Is Here

Tie on on your straw hat, fall in love with your next door neighbor, and burn your sister’s manuscript—the Little Women trailer is officially here, and it’s 2 minutes […]

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Meet Chuck MacLean, the Extremely Boston Voice of City on a Hill

For much of Chuck MacLean’s life, being a brash loudmouth from Quincy was a liability, infuriating administrators while he was studying at Emerson College and […]

The MIT dome

Hackers Turned MIT’s Giant Dome into a Captain America Tribute

MIT’s famous Great Dome got a patriotic (and spoiler-free) makeover Sunday, thanks to some anonymous pranksters. The “hackers,” as they call themselves, transformed the dome […]

still from the film The Farewell
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The Independent Film Festival Boston Returns

The annual Independent Film Festival Boston is back with its 17th lineup of nearly 100 handpicked indie flicks, set to play on various independent movie theater big screens […]

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Warner Bros. Has Killed a Quest to Erase the Departed Rat

Even if you were totally behind the push to erase the rat from the end of The Departed—and, evidently, a lot of people were—you probably knew this […]

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You Can Help This Guy Erase the Rat from the End of The Departed

If you love the classic Boston gangster flick The Departed but hate the cheesy rat symbolism that marks the film’s extremely-not-subtle final scene, now you can finally […]

Ted Movie Best Boston Films
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What’s the Best Boston Movie of All Time?

Welcome to “One Last Question,” a series where research editor Matthew Reed Baker tackles your most Bostonian conundrums. Have a question? Email him at […]

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The Best Halloween Movies of All Time, Ranked by the Brattle Theatre

The leaves are starting to die, and that means getting-scared-on-purpose season is upon us. So if you’re in search of the all-time best Halloween movies to celebrate […]

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A Matt Damon and Ben Affleck McDonald’s Heist Movie Is in the Works

The true story of a multi-million-dollar scam involving the McDonald’s Monopoly promotion will get the Matt Damon/Ben Affleck treatment at some point, after Fox bought […]

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In the New Godzilla Movie, the Monster Comes to Boston

What is it about Boston that makes the entertainment industry want to bring cinematic destruction and devastation to our shores? Whatever’s going on, prepare to […]

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The Details for Natalie Portman’s Boston Calling Film Festival Are Out

What do Lolita, The Exorcist, and 2015’s Diary of a Teenage Girl have in common? All three movies in some way involve the concept of “the female gaze,” […]

super troopers
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After a 17 Year Absence, the Super Troopers Are Back

Grab your liter of cola and get ready for some shenanigans: Super Troopers 2 is here in all its mustachioed glory. Super Troopers, Broken Lizard’s Vermont […]

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New Documentary The Peacemaker Explores Plough and Star Owner’s Diplomacy Work

Somewhere in Boston, under the dim light of a church basement, in a thick Irish accent, Padraig O’Malley – longtime owner of the iconic Cambridge […]

Amy Poehler
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Amy Poehler Will Make Her Feature Directorial Debut on Netflix

Amy Poehler is coming soon to a laptop near you. The Parks and Recreation star and Burlington native is taking her talents to Netflix and […]

A screenshot from the trailer from the original Cinderella where her dress turns into her fancy dress for the ball
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TBT: “Cinderella” Is First Released in Boston

When Cinderella was released for the first time in Boston on February 15, 1950, Walt Disney was in desperate need of a “happily ever after.” The […]