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Mark Wahlberg, Catfish King

When it comes to Catfishing, Mark Wahlberg is the king. MTV resurrected the show Catfish during Sunday’s MTV Movie Awards pre-show, playing off its revived […]

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Robert De Niro Joins the David O. Russell Film Project Shooting in Boston

We reported last month that Bradley Cooper, Christian Bale, Jennifer Lawrence, and more are in Boston shooting an untitled David O. Russell project (also called […]

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What to Watch at Boston’s International and Independent Film Festivals

April in Boston isn’t just about baseball, though the crowds clad in red at Kenmore station would likely tell you otherwise. Along with warmer weather, kayaks […]


What Roger Ebert Had to Say About Us

On Thursday, beloved film critic Roger Ebert died after a long battle with cancer. To honor him, Chris Chase of USA Today Sports wrote a […]

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With Transformers 4 to Shoot in China, Mark Wahlberg Has a Busy Year Ahead

Tell you mom “Sorry,” but Mark Wahlberg can’t come say “Hi” right now—he’s busy promoting and prepping half a dozen action/comedy-packed projects for the big […]

behind the candelabra
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First Look: Matt Damon, Michael Douglas Get Naked in Saucy Trailer for Behind the Candelabra

Before Gaga, Madonna, Elton John, and even Elvis—there was Liberace. Liberace was an American pianist and vocalist who had a career that spanned the ’50s, […]

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Is Iron Man Coming to Boston?

A slew of celebrities have been in and out of Boston lately working on various projects, and with the upcoming months filled with possible Bradley-Batman-Katniss […]

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Bradley Cooper and Christian Bale Are Shooting a David O. Russell Movie in Boston

With so many new film projects in the pipeline, it looks like Boston is the right place for A-list celebrity sightings this month. Actors in […]

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Are You Smarter Than Will Hunting?

You’ll probably remember a scene in “Good Will Hunting” where an MIT professor poses a math problem to his class that he says took a […]

maria menounos
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Q&A: Maria Menounos, Host of ‘Extra!’ and Star of New Movie ‘Adventures of Serial Buddies’

Image via Insidethemagic/Flickr Known best for being the co-host of Extra!, Maria Menounos is a Medford native and graduate of Emerson College. Within the past year, she […]

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Good Will Hunting: An Oral History

Fifteen years after the release of the movie that made them stars, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck—along with the rest of the cast and crew—reflect in their own words on how a long-shot film by two unknowns became one of Hollywood’s biggest success stories.

amity island jaws
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Return to Amity Island

As Jawsfest kicks off this month, here’s a look at the filming of the legendary movie.

The Fight to Make The Fighter

It’s taken a decade, but The Fighter, the much-anticipated biopic of Lowell boxer “Irish” Micky Ward, finally arrives in theaters this month.