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Crossing Into the Abyss

On Elm Street in Somerville, 39-year-old entrepreneur Johnny Monsarrat’s newest scheme is a public oasis for contemplation and counsel. He calls it “Cross into the […]

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The Wilbur Theater: Boston’s Dry Rock ‘n Roll Venue

A horrifying thing happened last night at the Wilbur. My friend and I slid up to the bar shortly before Eli “Paperboy” Reed & the […]

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Rock ‘N’ Roll Fantasy Camp: Behind the Brochure

We sent Boston Daily intern David Mashburn to Rock Camp last week. The rock stars in attendance included, among others, the songwriter for Aerosmith, the […]

Best of Boston 2008

These days, you can’t swing a drunken reveler in Boston without hitting a big, shiny trophy. As in, the kind given out to the winners of […]

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Chesney Fans Get Violent

One of the best things about seeing a concert at a suburban concert arena like Gillette Stadium or the Comcast Center is the pre-concert tailgating. […]

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Art Plagiarizing Life: Kosher Hip-Hop Style

What does it take to play a Yeshiva student turned hip-hop connoisseur/rapper in a short film? Well, it helps if, like Nosson Zand, you’re already […]


The Intern Files: Guerilla Fashion

While we might not always remember this, fashion is about more than just clothing or how things look. A lot of what makes a style […]


Read Locally

Full of tasty recipes with New England flair and abundant color photos of island life—with not a single Black Dog to be spotted—the new cookbook […]


A decade and a half after they rocked stages with their high-pitched bubblegum pop, the New Kids on the Block are back. So, too, are the band’s shrieking fans, besotted as ever—but this time, with memories of their days before diapers and minivans.

Art Failure

We like to think of ourselves as an arts town, and new numbers back that up. So why do creative people continue to flee Boston—and what is it about this city that drives them away?

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Orrin Hatch’s Ode to Ted Kennedy

For years, Ted Kennedy and Utah Republican Orrin Hatch have been the Senate’s odd couple. When the liberal lion and the conservative, um, Rocky Mountain […]

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A Little Ditty About Menino and Mellen-caaaamp

Earlier this afternoon, Mayor Tom Menino and Farm Aid co-founder John Mellencamp made a visit to the Copley Farmers Market to announce the star-studded line-up […]

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Choose Coldplay’s Opener

In a battle of the bands that was even fiercer than Bill and Ted’s face-off with their evil robotic selves, 15 local acts have been […]

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David Ortiz: Rap Star

These days, superstars aren’t happy doing only one thing. Madonna isn’t only a pop star, but she’s also a children’s book author and reputed homewrecker. […]

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Plymouth Veterans Unwilling to Go Hollywood

Generally speaking, we’re pretty excited about the explosion of films being made in Massachusetts. It’s cool to see the sights we see every day committed […]