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mindy kaling
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Mindy Kaling Says She Had to Battle the Emmys for an Office Producer Credit

From “Dinner Party” to “Goodbye Toby” to “Threat-Level Midnight,” Mindy Kaling has been credited as a producer on some of The Office’s most iconic episodes—but […]

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The Interview: Celebrity Events Planner Bryan Rafanelli

Whippet thin and always impeccably dressed, party planner extraordinaire Bryan Rafanelli is rarely without a smile, whether an act of God is threatening to derail […]


Conde Nast Traveler Says Boston Is the Third Best City in the Country

Conde Nast Traveler unveiled its 32nd annual reader’s choice awards today, and the people have decided that Boston is the third best city in the country. Don’t be […]

MasterChef contestant Nick DiGiovanni on the show

MasterChef Returns to Boston for Open Auditions in October

MasterChef producers have discovered some seriously talented home cooks in Boston the past few years—like Nick DiGiovanni, the recent Harvard grad who was one of […]

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Here’s How a Salem Film Festival Is Tackling the Political Horror Show of the Trump Era

As the witching hour approached on November 8, 2016, Kevin Lynch watched the presidential election results through his fingers, scared to look at the TV. […]

john cena
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Watch: John Cena Dances on Ellen, Proves He Shouldn’t Quit His Day Job

He might be a professional wrestler, actor, rapper, children’s book author and television host—but Ellen DeGeneres may have found the one thing that John Cena can’t do. During his […]


Four Trips to Make the Most of the $10 Commuter Rail Weekend Pass

Picture this. It’s 9 a.m. Your head rests against the window as the landscape sails by in a blur of autumn colors, and the conductor […]


Travel Guide: Find Foliage and Crisp Mountain Air in Manchester, Vermont

Getting There About a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Boston, the trek north to this foliage lover’s paradise winds through scenic Route 2 toward the sprawling Green […]


Enjoy Fall With the Whole Family With These New England Adventures

HORSE AROUND There are fairy tales, and then there’s the Castle in the Clouds, a regal Arts and Crafts château nestled in the Granite State’s […]


A Weekly Guide to the Best Leaf Peeping in New England

September 29–October 5 Woodstock, Vermont WHERE TO PEEP: Start your journey in a town so idyllic it feels straight out of a storybook, bursting with […]


Clear Your Head This Fall at These Breathtaking New England Escapes

HIKE TO A HEAVENLY VIEW Hiking is fun—until you finish off your trail snacks and water halfway through, that is. For a quick trek with […]


Get Your Heart Pumping This Fall With These New England Adventures

ROCK OUT Harness? Check. Helmet? Check. Superhero strength and stamina? Not required. For mere mortals who’ve always wanted to rappel down a rock face with […]

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Photo Opp Alert: Four Giant Flower Sculptures Have Sprouted at Assembly Row

While we might be slowly and inevitably crawling toward the cold season, this is one garden that won’t be going anywhere as the temperature drops. Assembly […]

City Life

Who’s Laughing With the Harvard Lampoon?

Before Jenny Baker even laid eyes on the latest issue of Harvard’s storied student humor magazine, she doubted it would make her laugh. On a […]

City Life

Michelle Williams Was Calling Out Mark Wahlberg Last Night, Right?

For those of you who didn’t spend three hours of your Sunday watching the Emmys, there were a lot of odd choices, including anemic commentary from an […]