Is America Getting Crazier?

In some areas, liberals are clearly more crazy than your traditionally nutzoid, far-right, wing-nuts. According to Gallup while 25 percent of conservatives believe that the spirits of the dead can come back to haunt us, a whopping 42 percent of liberals said that they believed in Haints.


Mark Wahlberg Talks Tattoo Removal on Letterman

Mark Wahlberg Talks Tattoo Removal on Letterman. Wahlberg tells Dave that he’s been undergoing painful-asbacon-grease-burns tattoo removal sessions to erase the six or seven tattoos […]


Big-Headed Newt Gingrich is Nuts

To hear Newt tell the story, you might think that Judge Biery must have received his law degree from the Berkley on-line College of Free Love and Hot Law.


Jesus Talks Tom Brady, Bill Belichick

Jesus Talks Tom Brady, Bill Belichick. “… This doesn’t leave this room, but if I’m the Son of God, Tom Brady’s got to be the […]


On Bonnie Hammer, The Queen of Cable TV

On Bonnie Hammer, The Queen of Cable TV. Hammer, who started her career as a producer for WGBH, is heralded as a savoir of the […]


On the NRA: Let's Go Kill Something Large

Obama and his fiendish minions have launched a secret and massive conspiracy to take away all gun rights from law abiding Americans by not doing anything at all to take away their gun rights. See, how crafty that Obama is!


It Ain't Easy Being a TV Dad

In our December issue, we wrote about new backlash to the age-old problem of TV dads being portrayed dunces. There is hope, we wrote, with […]


Must-See TV: GOP WrestleMania with Referee Donald Trump

So far, it is not unlike the great promos that are filled with fireworks, wild boasts made with the spittle flying and murderous assaults with folding chairs that are used to promote Pay Per View Steel Cage of Death Wrestlemania Matches.


'Sister Wives'/TV Polygamists Visit Boston; Ice Cream Dates and Philosophical Convos Ensue

Sister Wives/TV Polygamists Swing By Boston; Ice Cream Dates and Philosophical Convos Ensue. In case you missed it, last week, the reality TV family took […]


Tom Bergeron: From Boston to Dancing with the Stars

Bruno enrages Chaz by calling him an Ewok and cute little penguin. Maks and Len get into it over playing favorites. Nancy Grace complains that […]

The Players

The cast of characters involved in the fight over whether to broadcast the controversial show, The Kennedys.

Not Ready for Prime Time?

A sampling of controversial scenes from drafts of The Kennedys.

This Old House: An Oral History

On its 30th anniversary, the creators, cast, and (mostly) lucky homeowners of This Old House reveal what the cameras haven’t shown—from how the series almost didn’t get off the ground to who really foots the bill for all those jaw-dropping renovations.