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David Price to Guest Star on Cartoon Network’s Uncle Grandpa

Boston and its collection of stars have popped up a lot in cartoons this year. Now David Price wants to get in on the fun. […]

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W. Kamau Bell on Growing Up in Boston, Donald Trump’s Rise, and Tom Brady

The contentious nature of the 2016 presidential election doesn’t surprise W. Kamau Bell. The veteran comic and host of CNN’s United Shades of America, who […]

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The Five Best Jokes on The Simpsons’ Boston Episode

One of America’s favorite animated families finally shipped up to Boston during Sunday night’s episode of The Simpsons. Aptly titled “The Town,” the episode was jam-packed with […]

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Creator Marc Brown on Mr. Rogers, Memes, and 20 Years of Arthur

PBS’s long-running children’s show Arthur hits a big milestone this month. The animated series is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a brand new season that […]

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Emily Blunt Scolds John Krasinski for Wearing Red Sox Hats in England

Emily Blunt has a friendly reminder for Americans who plan on traveling to England: leave the baseball caps at home. The Girl on the Train […]

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Ben Affleck Had a Thick Boston Accent as a Child Actor

The embarrass Ben Affleck tour continued on Thursday’s episode of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. After getting trolled with an old Burger King ad […]

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Michael Strahan Trolls Ben Affleck with Giants Jersey on Good Morning America

Thursday’s episode of Good Morning America could’ve been titled “The ABC Roast of Ben Affleck.” Host and former NFL star Michael Strahan had a lot […]

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Matt Damon Wants Idina Menzel to Know That He Really Loves Wicked

In case you were wondering, Matt Damon insists that he’s a huge fan of the musical Wicked. Well, at least that’s what he told Broadway […]


Check Out Boston Gilmore Girls Fan Photos from Luke’s Diner

Fans were up bright and early this morning for a chance to visit the regular hangout of Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. Luke’s Diner has popped […]

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The Simpsons Will Take a Trip to Boston for a New Episode

The Patriots are coming to The Simpsons…well, sort of. Sunday’s episode of the long-running animated series, which recently kicked off its 28th season, will feature […]

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Emily Blunt Says Her Kids Are Getting John Krasinski’s Accent

A battle of accents is brewing in the Emily Blunt-John Krasinski household. The British actress revealed on Monday’s episode of the Tonight Show Starring Jimmy […]

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Stephen Colbert Took Mindy Kaling Shopping on the Late Show

When you’re a big television star like Mindy Kaling, you don’t have a lot of time to do errands. That’s why Stephen Colbert decided to […]

Gilmore Girls Luke's Diner

Luke’s Diner Pops Up in Brighton This Week

You can channel your inner Lorelai Gilmore this week with a gratis cup of coffee at Luke’s Diner—without leaving Boston. While the endearingly garrulous mom […]

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Kenan Thompson’s ‘Big Papi’ Returned for SNL Season Premiere

Saturday Night Live pulled out some of its biggest comedy guns for this weekend’s highly anticipated season 42 premiere, so naturally that meant Kenan Thompson’s […]


Throwback Thursday: When Cheers First Aired, It Got Awful Ratings

The bar where everyone knows your name was almost never known by everyone. When Cheers first aired on NBC 34 years ago, things didn’t go so […]