Tone It Up

I Went to the Tone It Up Tour, and It Was Insane

I thought the line would never end. Surely I’m almost there, I kept thinking as I walked farther and farther down D Street. Surely it doesn’t […]


Five Boston Sports Leagues to Spice Up Your Workout Routine

Looking to spice up your everyday workout routine? Join the club.

Eliza Shirazi

The Freedom in Failing: Coming to Terms with Fitness Setbacks

Eliza Shirazi, founder and creator of cardio kickboxing workout Kick It By Eliza, led a team up Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro in July and raised $22,000 […]


Ask the Expert: Are Planks or Sit-Ups Better for Abs?

Welcome to our Ask the Expert series, in which our panel of health experts answers your wellness questions. Here, trainer Parker Cote talks all things abs. Got […]


Barre Fight in Boston

Barre, the hottest boutique-fitness craze in Boston, is also the most hotly contested, pitting purists against those with a more freewheeling approach. Can guru Andrea Lucas keep the local workout community from tearing itself apart?

Yoga for hips

Six Yoga Poses That Stretch Your Hips

One of the best parts of summer is taking your exercise routine out of the gym and onto the city’s sidewalks, bike paths, and parks. […]


Seven Free Fitness Series That Continue Into Fall

Summer is coming to a close, whether you like it or not. (We know. We’re just as flabbergasted as you are.) Soon we’ll be trading […]


Is “Regular” Yoga a Thing of the Past?

When Lynne Begier began offering hip hop yoga classes a decade ago, the concept seemed crazy. “I ended up with people semi-interested, maybe 10 or […]

Barre & Soul

Barre & Soul Now Has Its Own Clothing Line

Andrea Lucas, the founder of local barre chain Barre & Soul, is dipping her (pointed) toes into the athleisure world. Barre & Soul’s five locations […]


There’s a Brand-New Rowing Studio in Brookline

Bryan Fuller loves rowing so much that, back in 2012, he and seven other men journeyed roughly 3,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean in just […]


Eight Kids-Friendly Activities in Boston

Want healthy, happy kids? Stay on the move with these eight tot-friendly local activities.


Ask the Expert: How Can I Motivate Myself to Work Out?

Welcome to our Ask the Expert series, in which our panel of health experts answers your wellness questions. Here, trainer Parker Cote gives your motivation a pep […]


Where Boston’s Best Trainers Work Out

Fitness buffs are notoriously loyal. Think about it: You’ve probably got a favorite group fitness instructor, a go-to gym, or a running trail you could […]


Six Local Yoga Classes for Runners

If there are two things Boston has in spades, they’re runners and yoga studios—and luckily, the latter complements the former pretty perfectly. If you’re a runner […]


CorePower Yoga Is Taking Over Boston

CorePower Yoga’s new Fenway location hasn’t even opened its doors yet, but the chain already has its eyes on expansion. The power yoga brand announced this […]