heart health

New Harvard School of Public Health Study Links Push-Ups and Heart Health

Ever heard the phrase drop and give me 20? Well, according to researchers at the Harvard School of Public Health, 40 is actually the magic […]


The Most Luxurious Locker Rooms in Boston

As fitness junkies who live in the city, we are no strangers to the constant struggle of living out of an oversized backpack. Lugging around […]

cheap meals

Five Healthy and Cheap Meals Under Five Dollars

One of the biggest misconceptions people have about eating healthy is that it’s expensive. But you don’t need fancy juice cleanses or gourmet meal delivery […]

rowing classes

Take On-Demand Rowing Classes with This New Boston-Based Mobile App

Remember a couple months ago when Hydrow launched the first-ever Peloton-like rower? Or how about a few weeks ago when Row House announced they were […]

juice bar

Burnin’ By Ray in the Seaport Is Getting a Juice Bar

From fully stocked locker rooms to lounge areas more comfortable than your own living room—when it comes to all-inclusive, gyms in the Boston-area have you […]

dating at the gym

How to Flirt at the Gym without Seeming Like a Creep

It’s officially been six weeks since everyone swore off cookies and booze and rejoined their gym, which probably means at some point you’ve found yourself […]


These Local Entrepreneurs Rule Your Office Break Room. Who Are They?

Lunch breaks have suffered a setback. A 2018 survey found that more than half of Americans say they can’t take a break during the work […]

healthy foil packet recipes

Eight Healthy Foil Packet Recipes for Simple Weeknight Meals

I think I speak for all of us when I say fast meals are the best meals, right? That’s where foil packet recipes come in. […]

chocolate milk

This Chocolate Milk Company Is Redefining Dairy in a Big Way

Were you ever one to crack open a cold (or maybe room temperature) Yoo-Hoo? Or, were you more of the Nesquik type? Ovaltine? Hershey’s syrup? […]

best fitness instructors in Boston

These Are the Two Best Fitness Instructors in Boston, According to Classpass

Those who swear by group fitness almost always have a favorite instructor—and that person alone can make that 5 a.m. wake-up call a little more bearable. […]

BSC lab closing

BSC Lab Is Closing and a TB12 Facility Will Take Its Place

As a plethora of fitness studios flock to Back Bay with grand plans to open and, hopefully, flourish in the center of the city—one of […]

spiritual wellness

Attend This Spiritual Wellness Event—Complete with Wine

Marisa Fanelli has always been fascinated with mystical energy. In a society shrouded by notifications and Google searches, she often found herself asking, “Is this it?” We have […]


Grab Your Gym Buddy (or Your Swolemate) and Do This Partner Workout

Even if you’re not a supporter of Valentine’s Day, how can you say no to a partner workout? Invite your swolemate, whether it be your partner in […]

Row Republic

Row Republic Is Coming to the North End Later This Winter

This city has a deep affinity for rowing. From the iconic Charles River, to the world-class rowers bred out of Harvard, and the thousands of rowing […]

Ragnar Races

Mark Your Calendar for These Ragnar Races Coming to New England

From Spartan Races to CrossFit WOD’s (workout of the day), Reebok has made a point of appealing not just to those who love fitness but also […]