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JC Monahan: Breaking My Silence

I could hear their voices, soft and muffled. I couldn’t make out what they were saying. Eventually, they grew louder. Two, maybe three male voices? […]


Everything You Need to Know about Coping with Long COVID

Every case is different. Some patients have cases that manifest in the lungs. Others have neurological issues such as brain fog. Still others lose their […]


We’re All Grieving Right Now, and It’s Okay To Show It

It was one of those cold, gray mornings during the early days of COVID when I don’t think any of us understood what was going […]

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City Life

The Complete Etiquette Guide: Vaccine Edition

SCENARIO ONE You’re invited to a barbecue with people you haven’t seen in person since March 2020. It’s mixed company; you’ve gotten the stab, but […]


Five Revitalizing Spa Experiences in Boston to Try This Spring

THE HOLISTIC HARMONIZER Acupuncture and Energy Healing, Laurel Wellness Laurel Wellness founder Laura Corrigan uses a “little bit of everything” approach to find the energy-healing […]

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The Best is Yet to Come: A Guide to Aging Well

We all age, so why not do it gracefully? In this issue of Guide to Aging Well, you’ll learn about how some of our local […]

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What You Need to Know About Female Hair Loss

If you have wondered whether your shedding or thinning hair amounts to actual hair loss, you’re certainly not alone. “I often get asked how a […]


Her Pain Was Their PR

Erica Johnson couldn’t contain the emotion that came over her as she rang the ceremonial bell marking the end of her cancer treatment, sobbing, her […]

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City Life

Why Did Boston Hospitals Briefly Stop Receiving Vaccine Doses?

What in the world was he thinking? I’m talking about the baffling decision by Gov. Charlie Baker—a man who prides himself on being a manager […]


How to Rejuvenate Your Look This Spring

One unexpected byproduct of 2020 was that many of us spent more time than ever staring at our own faces in the corner of our […]

City Life

What You Need to Know about Boston’s Vaccine Sites

First, please join me in taking a giant step back for a moment. Vaccines are here. All the science available to us right now shows that […]

City Life

When the Rollout Ramps Up, What Do We Do about Vaccine Line-Cutters?

For this early, and admittedly very “bumpy,” phase of the vaccine rollout in Massachusetts, much of the focus has been on making sure the right […]

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Our 2021 Top Doctors List Is Here

Living in the cradle of modern medicine has its benefits: Namely, having access to the world’s best physicians for everything from a simple checkup to […]


The Interview: State Rep. and Emergency Physician Jon Santiago

Jon Santiago first caught Bostonians’ eye when he defeated the beloved 35-year incumbent Byron Rushing for a seat in the state House of Representatives two […]


Get Fit with Your Partner before Your Big Day with These Five Virtual Classes

FOR CARDIO Charlotte Huguenor A newlywed herself, this Saugus-based CorePower studio manager often streams her full-body workouts over Instagram Live, Zoom, and YouTube with her […]