Ronan O’Connor and Haley Rose at the South End's Revolution Hotel

Pre-Game Your St. Patrick’s Day Festivities with Yoga and Whiskey

St. Patrick’s Day weekend in Boston usually means green beer, pub crawls, and clover-clad parade routes. But this year, The Revolution Hotel is offering a […]

Sweat Fixx Elise Caira

The Founder of Sweat Fixx Has Something to Tell You

To be successful in the fitness industry, you need two things: passion and grit. The days are long, the work is physically demanding, and if you […]

bike travel
Arts & Entertainment

See the World Premiere of Six Short Films at this Bike Travel Film Festival

What better way to see and experience new places than by using your own two legs? Whether you’re running, biking, or simply walking through a new […]

Women at Forme Barre

Forme Barre Is Slated to Open in Chestnut Hill This Spring

Chestnut Hill’s swanky retail and dining hotspot, The Street, can soon count a new Forme Barre studio among its growing number of health and fitness […]

Booty by Brabants

Peek Inside the Chic New Booty by Brabants Pop-Up Store at Legacy Place

Did you really think Kelly Brabants would lay low after her first Booty by Brabants pop-up store in the Seaport ran its course? No? Cool, […]

plank variations

Six Plank Variations to Strengthen and Challenge Your Core

Remember those times in elementary school gym class where you had to do the plank test? Turns out, your P.E. teachers really had your future […]


The Most Luxurious Locker Rooms in Boston

As fitness junkies who live in the city, we are no strangers to the constant struggle of living out of an oversized backpack. Lugging around […]

rowing classes

Take On-Demand Rowing Classes with This New Boston-Based Mobile App

Remember a couple months ago when Hydrow launched the first-ever Peloton-like rower? Or how about a few weeks ago when Row House announced they were […]

dating at the gym

How to Flirt at the Gym without Seeming Like a Creep

It’s officially been six weeks since everyone swore off cookies and booze and rejoined their gym, which probably means at some point you’ve found yourself […]

best fitness instructors in Boston

These Are the Two Best Fitness Instructors in Boston, According to Classpass

Those who swear by group fitness almost always have a favorite instructor—and that person alone can make that 5 a.m. wake-up call a little more bearable. […]

BSC lab closing

BSC Lab Is Closing and a TB12 Facility Will Take Its Place

As a plethora of fitness studios flock to Back Bay with grand plans to open and, hopefully, flourish in the center of the city—one of […]


Grab Your Gym Buddy (or Your Swolemate) and Do This Partner Workout

Even if you’re not a supporter of Valentine’s Day, how can you say no to a partner workout? Invite your swolemate, whether it be your partner in […]

Row Republic

Row Republic Is Coming to the North End Later This Winter

This city has a deep affinity for rowing. From the iconic Charles River, to the world-class rowers bred out of Harvard, and the thousands of rowing […]

Ragnar Races

Mark Your Calendar for These Ragnar Races Coming to New England

From Spartan Races to CrossFit WOD’s (workout of the day), Reebok has made a point of appealing not just to those who love fitness but also […]


Brooklyn Boulders’ New Training Concept BKBX Is Offering Classes

If you feel a little confused about what Brooklyn Boulders is up to at the Continuum in Allston, join the club. The climbing conglomerate’s new […]