dating at the gym

How to Flirt at the Gym without Seeming Like a Creep

It’s officially been six weeks since everyone swore off cookies and booze and rejoined their gym, which probably means at some point you’ve found yourself […]

best fitness instructors in Boston

These Are the Two Best Fitness Instructors in Boston, According to Classpass

Those who swear by group fitness almost always have a favorite instructor—and that person alone can make that 5 a.m. wake-up call a little more bearable. […]

BSC lab closing

BSC Lab Is Closing and a TB12 Facility Will Take Its Place

As a plethora of fitness studios flock to Back Bay with grand plans to open and, hopefully, flourish in the center of the city—one of […]


Grab Your Gym Buddy (or Your Swolemate) and Do This Partner Workout

Even if you’re not a supporter of Valentine’s Day, how can you say no to a partner workout? Invite your swolemate, whether it be your partner in […]

Row Republic

Row Republic Is Coming to the North End Later This Winter

This city has a deep affinity for rowing. From the iconic Charles River, to the world-class rowers bred out of Harvard, and the thousands of rowing […]

Ragnar Races

Mark Your Calendar for These Ragnar Races Coming to New England

From Spartan Races to CrossFit WOD’s (workout of the day), Reebok has made a point of appealing not just to those who love fitness but also […]


Brooklyn Boulders’ New Training Concept BKBX Is Offering Classes

If you feel a little confused about what Brooklyn Boulders is up to at the Continuum in Allston, join the club. The climbing conglomerate’s new […]

VO2 max testing

I Tried It: VO2 Max Testing at Outback Physical Therapy

I’m not really one for numbers. I’ve never owned a FitBit to log my steps, I hate even thinking about opening MyFitnessPal to track my […]

Future Fitness Local Boston Wearables

Five Fitness Wearables Created in Boston

For help hydrating Nix It’s not always easy to meet the general guideline of eight cups of H20 a day, but for those who exercise […]

New Balance

New Balance Just Launched This Feminist Feel-Good Music Video

If you need a little inspiration to go out and hit those training miles, or maybe a boost of confidence for a big presentation you […]

squat form

Ask the Expert: What’s the Right Squat Form for Me?

If you’re a regular at bootcamp classes or enjoy testing out your strength in the free weight area with a personal trainer, you’ve probably been […]

Esplanade Association

The Esplanade Association Is Hosting Its First Free Winter Fitness Series

The best thing about summer in the city has got to be all the free fitness initiatives hosted everywhere from the Pru to the Seaport, and […]

lower body exercises

Work Your Way Towards Strong, Lean Legs with These Four Lower Body Exercises

When leg day rolls around it seems to be the one workout everyone loves to hate—especially when all is said and done and you come […]

REI snowshoe

Bundle up and Head Outside with REI This Winter for Moonlit Hikes

We get it. Traipsing through the muck and slush of city snow to commute to work every morning isn’t necessarily ideal…or enjoyable. But that doesn’t […]

Boston Yoga Union

Peek Inside This Gorgeous New Yoga Studio Opening in Fenway in February

Sprouting up in the skeleton of what was once Back Bay Yoga, Boston Yoga Union is bringing a breath of fresh air into the yoga […]