turf exercises

Ask The Expert: I Hate Cardio. What Can I Do Instead?

It’s no secret that cardio is great for your overall health and fitness, especially your heart, but when it comes to logging miles it can be […]

deadlift progressions

Four Deadlift Progressions You Should Master Before Using a Barbell

When people ask me what my favorite exercise is, I don’t hesitate when I say that it is the deadlift. This exercise is the king of […]

gyms with turf

Seven Gyms with Turf to Exercise on around Boston

With the boom of functional fitness (a.k.a. training in the gym to be better at the things you do outside the gym) has come the […]


Start Your Day with Dunkin’ at Soul Cycle Tomorrow

Dunkin’ is making sure their name change (dropping the “Donuts” to just be Dunkin’) isn’t the only difference you see when you choose to dine, […]

indoor rowing

Row House Is Coming to the North End with Premium Indoor Rowing Classes

Just when we thought we had a handle on all the new gyms and fitness studios coming to the city in 2019, news of one […]

indoor running classes

Take Brand New Shoes for a Test Drive at Precision Running Running Lab

Are you in the market for new shoes? Shopping for new running shoes can be challenging. It’s hard to tell if they’ll actually hold up […]

new gyms and fitness studios in Boston

Be One of the First People to Check Out These Eight Gyms Opening Soon in Boston

It’s an exciting time to be a part of the fitness scene in Boston. Where there once were only a few different options to find […]


This Is What a Champion Powerlifter Eats for Breakfast

Meghan Scanlon Claim to Fame: Meghan Scanlon has one main goal: Help as many people as possible find their strength under a barbell. She has her […]

Boston Marathon

Tracksmith Is Hosting Special Long Runs in Preparation for the Boston Marathon

We are officially less than 100 days out from the Boston Marathon. The 100-day mark signals the start of some serious training. If you’ve run the […]


Escape to Guatemala with B/Spoke Studios for a Spin Retreat

How does doing yoga with views of San Pedro Volcano in Guatemala sound? Or how about cliff jumping in San Marcos? Or maybe even kayaking […]


Master These Five Ski Exercises in the Gym Before Hitting the Slopes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: Ski season. Gear up for your day on the mountain by practicing these ski exercises to help strengthen the […]


Five Local Boxing Gyms for Mastering Your One-Two Punch

Sign up for a class at one of these local boxing gyms and you’ll be swinging left hooks in no time.

wellness New Year's challenges

Get Healthy in 2019 with These Wellness New Year’s Challenges

You’ve got big plans to get fit this year and you keep telling yourself that 2019 will be the year of hard workouts, abundant self-love, […]

free fitness classes

Win 25 Free Fitness Classes from Some of Boston’s Best Studios

If you’ve got big plans to get in shape in 2019, this fitness challenge is totally for you. Not only will you get exclusive access […]

at-home workout

An At-Home Workout for When You Just Don’t Want to Leave the House

With the cold winter months rolling through, it can be tough to leave your comfortable home to hit the gym. However, just because you don’t […]