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The November Project’s Ninja Race Recap

Getting ready to run. Photo by Madison Kahn Hub Health covered the November Project back in late-October, just before they celebrated their one-year anniversary. The free, grassroots […]


Reebok's New Crazy (and Awesome) Sneaker

Reeboks new sneaker the ATV 19+ has the web on edge. Photo provided by Reebok. Have you seen Canton-based Reebok’s new sneaker yet? Mashable used words like […]


Five Sweat-Proof Foundations

Photo via Facebook Smashbox Studio Skin 15 Hour Wear Foundation ($42; Sephora) A little bit goes a long way with this foundation, so it’s definitely worth the $42 […]


Boston Already Moves for Health

Running photo via Shutterstock Boston made national headlines again this week. The good news? It’s not for the flu. The bad news? It’s because we failed […]


Tips for Gym Newbies

Gym photo via Shutterstock If you’re like 38 percent of Americans, you made a weight-focused New Year’s resolution this year, which means you’ve probably just bought […]


How to Make Personal Training Affordable

Personal training will whip you into shape—if you can afford it. Photo via Shutterstock Working out with a personal trainer seems like a luxury reserved for celebrities and pro […]


The Best College Gyms in Boston

Think college campuses are just about the classrooms? Think again. We visited some of Boston’s best campus gyms, and what we found—juice bars, lazy rivers, climbing […]


The Risks of Shoveling Snow

The joys of living in New England. Photo via Shutterstock We’ve only had a few major snow days so far this season, and we weren’t expecting […]

kids playing

New Before School Physical Activity Program Helping Mass. Kids

Kids playing photo via Shutterstock A group of Massachusetts moms created a new, non-profit, before-school physical activity program called Build Our Kids Success (BOKS). The […]


Favorite Pins of the Week

We are suckers for Pinterest’s unusual mix of motivation, inspiration, and organization. Here are our favorite health and fitness finds of the week: The Boston […]


Fit Trend: Indoor Rock Climbing

One room of the Boston Rock Gym interior, photo provided. See more photos after the Q&A. Indoor rock climbing mimics the experience of outdoor climbing but in a […]


Cross-Country Skiing Destinations Near Boston

Cross-country skiing photo via Shutterstock Cross-country skiing (also known as Nordic skiing) is a total-body outdoor workout and if you’ve never tried it, you’re missing […]


Boston's Fitness DVD Stars

From left, Lisa Johnson, David Magone, and Zayna Gold. (Photo by Henrique Plantikow)   The DVD: Body Physica: Intense 40 minutes; $20,   The Star: […]

Health and Fitness: What You’re Doing Wrong…And How to Do It Right

In every aspect of our lives, we’re inadvertently doing ourselves harm. But the New Year is here, which means it’s the perfect time to start turning things around. Here, we diagnose your problems and provide helpful, easy-to-implement solutions for your new healthy lifestyle.


How to Be Better on the Slopes and Ice

Snowboarding photo via Shutterstock Skiing, snowboarding, ice hockey, and cross country skiing are all winter sports that take determination (why else would you brave freezing […]