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airplane crowds

Exercises You Can Do On An Airplane

Yes, you can get some stretching in, even in this tight space. Photo via Shutterstock More than 5.6 million Americans are expected to travel by […]


What to Wear: Outdoor Winter Runs

Winter running illustration via Shutterstock It’s freezing. And unfortunately, running outdoors right now is not as desirable as it is in the warmer months. This is […]

sweaty workout

Fit Trend: Tabata

This should be you after Tabata. Sweaty and practically passed out. Photo via Shutterstock. The Tabata protocol was originally developed for Japanese Olympians in the 1970s. The creator, Japanese scientist Izumi […]


The 15-Minute Holiday Bodyweight Workout (With Video!)

Is this what your holiday will look like? Even with all this, you can still sneak in a workout. Illustration via Shutterstock. Between the traveling […]


Fitness Stars in Our Backyard

Boston photo via Shutterstock Actors, models, and even techies all leave our great state to seek greater success. But some heavy hitters in the fitness […]

New Years 2013

New Year's Resolutions Done Right

New Year’s balloons photo via Shutterstock That moment on the couch is just around the corner. You know the one, when you look down at […]

swan pose

The Best Exercises You Aren't Doing Yet

Julie Erickson doing a classic teaser, photo provided When Julie Erickson, owner and instructor at Endurance Pilates and Yoga in Arlington, isn’t busy teaching and […]


A New Take on a High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Workout

Pushups photo via Shutterstock The HIIT method of training is used by athletes all over the world. It burns more calories and produces lean muscle, […]

winter exercisers

Four Ways to Avoid Winter Weight Gain

Winter ice skaters photo via Shutterstock Even though we live in the 21st century, our bodies are still hardwired to function like our pre-historic ancestors. […]


The Hardest Fitness Classes To Get Into in Boston

Group fitness class photo via Shutterstock Boston is a small city with a major thirst for fitness classes. However, some of these classes are so […]

food calories

Burning off a Holiday Meal: The Real Numbers

Avoid overeating this season by considering just how much exercise each bite translates to.


What's the New Prescription for Cancer Survivors? Exercise.

Exercising in the park photo via Shutterstock A cancer diagnosis is devastating for anyone, regardless of age, type, or severity. The road to recovery is […]


Holiday Fit Tips for Real People

Holiday party photo via Shutterstock We’ve all heard the same old tips on how to stay fit this holiday season. Don’t pig out. Drink water. […]


Health Headlines Local Edition: We are Number One! Too Bad it's for Drug-Related ER Visits.

Boston is first in the nation for drug-related emergency room visits, according to a new report released yesterday by the Massachusetts Health Council. According to the report, the Greater […]


Fit Trend: TRX

TRX group fitness photo via Shutterstock By now, you’ve at least heard of the TRX. Many gyms, large and small, carry the suspension trainers. The […]