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Get Abs like Rob Gronkowski

Abs photo via Shutterstock   During the summer, Rob Gronkowski tweeted this picture of himself and his brother Dan doing their favorite workout, Insanity. Just finished up […]


The Coolest Fitness Classes in Boston

Hip Hop Yoga class photo provided by Back Bay Yoga Hip Hop Yoga Sorry yoga community, but we have to say it. Not everybody loves […]


The Truth About Going Gluten-Free

Bread image via Shutterstock It seems like diet fads these days change quicker than fashion trends on the runway, and the gluten-free diet is no […]


Warm Up With the Celtics Dancers

Celtics Dancers image provided by the Boston Celtics When the Celtics hit the hardwood tonight, they won’t be the only athletes on the court. The Celtics Dancers are […]


This is How You Really Use a Kettlebell

Kettlebell photo via Shutterstock The kettlebell is one of the smallest and one of the coolest pieces of equipment at the gym. Originally developed and […]

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The November Project: A Grassroots, Free Workout Open to All

Stadium running photo via Shutterstock The November Project, Boston’s no-fee morning workout tribe, turns one-year-old on Nov. 1. This is a group that is seriously […]


The Best (and Worst) Post-Race Foods and Drinks

Race photo via Shutterstock Post-race food options are usually of the donuts and bagels variety, unfortunately, because the food provided is most likely donated by a local […]


How to Improve Your Brain Health

Brain image via Shutterstock If you think your Words With Friends addiction is helping your brain, you may be wrong. While these kinds of games […]


Get a Brazilian Booty Without Surgery or Injections

Brazilian bathing suit image via Shutterstock Unfortunately for most of us, genetics play a major role when it comes to our body shapes. But there […]

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Boston's Best Jogging Routes for Every Type of Runner

City joggers are everywhere. Avoiding oncoming joggers is harder than navigating Boston traffic. You can’t walk down Boylston, Newbury, Charles or any other major street […]


Battle at the Barre

The barre fight in Boston is definitely heating up. Already a staple in the Newton Centre fitness community, the Pure Barre franchise is coming to […]

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Boston Moves (a Little) for Health

Photo via Thinkstock One million pounds: That was the amount that Mayor Menino challenged the city of Boston to collectively shed this year. Announced at […]


BU Battles Youth Obesity

Photo via Getty Images Flashlight tag, capture the flag, graveyard, wiffle ball. These are just a few of the games I used to play as […]


Video: How to Get the Abs of an Olympian

If they had been giving out Olympic medals for toned bods, cut abs, and sick figures, we all would have wanted a spot on the […]


Ten Crazy Things Runners Do for Good Luck

Runner image via Shutterstock   For some reason, superstition seems to follow runners throughout their careers. I’ve been around the sport long enough that I’ve […]