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An Eye-Opening Look at China's Olympic Diving Practice

I just got back not long ago from a week touring the Chinese Olympic Training Facilities in Beijing, where a friend of mine, strength coach […]


Four Outdoor Hobbies to Try This Summer

Photo via Altrendo Images/Stockbye/Thinkstock. People who flourish in New England tend to love the great outdoors, and we’re on the verge of the best time […]


Boston Marathon Recap: Handling the Heat

Marathon champion Wesley Korir on Heartbreak Hill. (Photo by Rob Larsen via Flickr.) Physiologist and running guru Jack Daniels once wrote in his seminal runner’s […]


Tough New England Adventures

Photo courtesy of Tough Mudder. Urban Dare: Boston, May 19 Utilizing strength that’s more mental than physical, competitors may be asked to hit a bull’s-eye […]


Karhu and Olavi Suomalainen at the Tannery

Last Friday, the Tannery and Karhu Running hosted a meet and greet with Oliva Soumalainen, the Finn who won the Boston Marathon in 1972 (above). […]


Want to Get Fit? Learn to Eat Right First

This Monday, fans and spectators from all over the world will flock to Boston’s streets to watch one of the most well-known sporting events in […]


A Non-Runner's Guide to Working Out Outside

When most of us think of taking our workout to the outdoors, we think running, right? And if you’re a runner, that’s great, but what […]


Where Celebs Work Out in Boston

Since 2007, when the Massachusetts legislature upped its tax incentives for Hollywood to film movies over here, Boston has become something of a mini-mecca for […]


Should You Ditch Your Gym Membership?

At least three different boutique studios have opened up in the Back Bay within the past year, offering everything from ballet-type isometric workouts to pilates […]


Running Advice from Clint Eastwood

“Improvise, adapt, overcome” was the unofficial motto of US Marine Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Highway — played by Clint Eastwood — in Heartbreak Ridge, as he […]


Want to Improve Your Overall Health?

If I asked you how many servings of fruits and vegetables you eat per day, what would your answer be? What about how many minutes […]


How to Drink and Run

From the pounding of a headache, to the soreness of dehydrated muscles, everyone knows that a hangover is no fun. Add a run into the […]


Fitness: Keeping Track of It All

Between the advent of the GPS running watch (now complete with heart rate monitor, altimeter, pedometer, and touch screen) and the popularity of online social […]

How to do a Plank Pose

Planking: In Praise of Planks

If you’re still putting your hands behind your head and pulling on your neck, I have news for you: The 21st century has arrived, and […]


Hop in a Half (Marathon, That is)

A friend of mine recently asked me to recommend a good half marathon, and as I was giving him the options, I realized something: there […]