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Store Opening: Recycle Studio

When it comes to spinning, “no pain, no gain” seems to be the operative mantra. But taking a spin class at your gym often means […]


Total Recoil!

By: Sarah Burns Our city’s winter weather can lead to a major case of the stir-crazies. If you’re literally ready to bounce off the walls, […]


Winter Jogging Gear

By Sarah Burns As the leaves fall and temperature drops, runners are gearing up to face yet another Boston winter. This season, there’s more to […]


Because Yoga Wasn’t Hard Enough Already

By Aviva Shen As soon as we get comfortable with one workout trend, something comes around to make it more complicated. Take your Downward Facing […]

Culture: The Zumba Uprising

For certain members of the Sports Club/LA, a fitness instructor is the new cause célèbre.

You Say You Want a Resolution

If this is your year to (finally) get fit, we’ve got a city full of excuse-proof options.

My Zen is Better Than Your Zen

With conspicuous consumption now considered ill-advised at best, seeking inner peace has become the one-upsmanship du jour.


This Week's Mini-Consumer Index

An extension of the things we’re obsessed with this month: Ballet-inspired classes: Like the rest of the celeb-following world, we’ve been intrigued by trainer-to-the-stars Tracey […]


Mini-Masochist: The $249 Sled

With all this snow, how are we supposed to maintain our girlish figure on weekends when the gym is 42 miles away and the sidewalks […]


Bostonista Sweats It

EquiFit owner Alexandra Cherubini has fused two of her passions—riding and yoga—with the AgSilver CleanMat, a yoga mat that incorporates AgSilver, a powerful antimicrobial ingredient […]


Bostonista Loves: Free Yoga

We’re not the only ones begging you to buck the doom-and-gloom trend. Others have helpfully pointed out that being unemployed gives you enough free time […]


Bostonista Loves: RhythmBRA

Training for a half marathon would have been impossible without my iPod. It made those training sessions fly by because I could sample new music […]


Bostonista Loves: Rowing in Vermont

Sometimes we Bostonistas wander a little further north of Boston than Cambridge. this past Labor Day weekend, we explored Vermont’s Northern Kingdom where, tucked up […]


The Bostonista Workout: 5 Minutes, Max

Bostonista seeks: Workout that can produce Jessica Alba pre-baby (or, hell, post-baby) abs with minimal sweat output. And: By the weekend. Thanks. We’re not lazy. […]


Bostonista Loves: Yoga Mania!

You’ve always had a mean downward dog (and super cute yoga pants), but this summer there are even more options around town for getting in […]