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School Program Gets Kids Moving with ‘Recess Coaches’

We covered the BOKS program,which brings physical activity to schools before class starts, but now Boston Public School students in 31 schools across the city will get “recess […]

hoarding disorder

Mess, Addressed: Hoarding Gets Its Own Diagnosis

Boston researchers are studying hoarding disorder, looking for ways to prevent the disease and treat young adults before hoarding behaviors become a habit.


Could a Cambridge Company Find the Cure for Celiac Disease?

Gluten-free bread. Gluten-free cookies. Gluten-free whoopee pies. Gluten-free pasta. Gluten-free beer. Gluten-free gluten. It seems like everything and everyone is going gluten-free these days, and for people with celiac or gluten […]


CDC: 105 Children Died From the Flu This Season

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that 105 children died from the flu this season, a number that is three times higher […]


Physical Therapy As Effective as Surgery for Torn Meniscus

No one wants to have surgery. It’s a long, costly process that’s—as if you could forget—painful. But many people view surgery as their only option […]


Health Headlines: Did Evolution Give Us Inflammatory Disease?

Did Evolution Give us Inflammatory Disease? In new research published this week in the online issue of The American Journal of Human Genetics, researchers from Brigham […]


Pediatrics Group Supports Same-Sex Marriage, Says Beneficial to Children

Tufts Medical School Professor of Pediatrics Dr. Ellen Perrin co-authored a statement this week with the The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), saying that same-sex parents getting […]


Eight Ways to Lower Your Blood Pressure

One way to prevent and treat high blood pressure—without pills—is to manage stress. Well, that’s easier said than done, right? We have work, kids, and families—not […]


Moderna Therapeutics Gets $240 Million Licensing Deal

Moderna Therapeutics, a Cambridge-based biotech startup that Boston magazine profiled in the March 2013 issue, is disclosing Thursday that they will receive a $240 million […]


More Good News About Vitamin D

We’ve reported on the health benefits of vitamin D, like lowering blood pressure and keeping bones strong, and now there’s more good news. New research from the […]

Energy drinks

Put Down the Energy Drinks Already

Energy drink illustration via Shutterstock. An ultra-caffeinated energy drink usually seems like the best way to get through the afternoon doldrums. But in the wake […]


Health Officials Say 1 in 50 Children Have Autism

A new government survey released Wednesday by the CDC reveals that every 1 in 50 schoolchildren has autism. This is larger than the previous government estimate of 1 […]


CVS Asking Employees for Weight, Fat, and Glucose Levels

A new CVS policy requires employees that are covered by company health insurance to report their weight, body fat, and glucose levels or they must pay a […]


Health Headlines: Pop a Pill to Get Rid of Gray Hair?

Pop a pill and say goodbye to gray hairs? One new supplement says yes. Go Away Gray, a product that originally launched in 2009 just came out with an […]


Research Says Salt is Connected to Autoimmune Disorders

Salt photo via Shutterstock. You probably already knew that the excess salt in that bag of potato chips you’re munching on is a major contributor […]