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Boston Sports Clubs and Fitcorp to Merge

Boston Sports Clubs (BSC) and Fitcorp are merging. BSC is owned by Town Sports International, a New York-based company that owns and operates 60 fitness clubs nationwide, including 25 in […]


Helping Out Cancer Patients, One Meal At A Time

A meal kit from Healthy Habits Kitchen. Photo courtesy of Sue Schochet Newton-Wellesley Hospital’s Vernon Cancer Center is teaming with Healthy Habits Kitchen to start a […]


Boston Doctor To Receive Presidential Medal

Dr. T. Berry Brazelton. Photo courtesy of Insieme/Fulvia Farassino Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, a Boston doctor responsible for such revolutionary developments as the Neonatal Behavioral Assessment […]


Report Says Breast Cancer Research Needs New Priorities

Photo via Shutterstock More time and effort needs to be spent studying the environmental causes of breast cancer and how they can be minimized or […]


The Pope’s Declining Health and More Health News

Health experts are lauding Pope Benedict XVI’s decision to step down, pointing to clues about his declining health, like difficulty walking and his honesty about an inability […]


The Future of Dieting Could Be Based on Your Genetics

Researchers say the new frontier of dieting could be in your genes. Photo via Shutterstock The world of dieting and weight loss can be overwhelming. […]


Obesity to Blame for Poor Health in Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are living longer, but in poor health. Photo via Shutterstock. Despite having a longer life expectancy than any generation before them, baby boomers […]

damaged skin on a healthy-looking face.
City Life

Burn Notice: How the Sun Can Damage Your Health

With skin cancer cases on a 30-year rise, it’s time to take the sun seriously.

City Life

Jump-start Your Brain

Will transcranial direct current stimulation make us all into geniuses?

Boston Scientific and the Road to Ruin

How greed, incompetence, and arrogance brought the world’s leading medical device company to its knees.

Brain Storm

He’s the most brilliant thinker you’ve never heard of — and he’s found a way around fossil fuels.