For Now

Shop for Personal Care Products in a Tiny Bathroom at For Now in the Seaport

Your shopping experience just got a little more intimate. And by intimate, we mean it continues on into the bathroom. Now, before your creeper alarm […]

boston top city to go outside

Boston Is One of the Top 50 Cities in America to Get Outside

Spending time in nature has been shown to improve mood, self-esteem, and overall health, but unfortunately most of us live in concrete jungles, work behind […]

the best gyms in the Seaport

Healthy Food, Places to Get Outside, and the Best Gyms in the Seaport

The Seaport is now the place to be when it comes to wellness, and there seems to be something new popping up every single day. Whether it’s […]

free health and wellness screenings

CVS Brings Back Free Health and Wellness Screenings in Boston

Dragging yourself to the doctors’ office can be quite the ordeal. Finding not only the time, but the funds, can be a real nightmare—even in Boston, […]

massage boston

Where to Get a Massage in Boston Right Now

Your neck is stiff from staring at a computer all day and your legs took a beating in that CrossFit workout last week—sounds like the […]


The Best Gyms, Healthy Food, and Places to Get Outside in South Boston

Known for narrow three deckers, row houses, and strong Irish Catholic traditions—South Boston is home to many up and comers in the city, and staying […]


Reach Your Peak At These Five Local Climbing Gyms

Ripped arms and the chance to scale the walls like Spider-Man? Anything’s possible at these local climbing gyms.

water refill station

A New App Is Launching in Boston Showing the Closest Water Refill Stations

It’s safe to say we’re all making a conscious effort to avoid single-use plastic. Whether its nixing straws or opting for a reusable water bottle, no […]

Strong Process

The Health and Wellness Forum Strong Process Returns in November

Have you ever looked around at your group fitness class and noticed that about 99.9 percent of the class is composed of women? It’s no wonder […]

Aly Raisman

Aly Raisman Is Partnering with Meal-Delivery Service Purple Carrot

Eating enough vegetables is hard. Did you know you’re supposed to consume around two to three cups of them per day? If you’re not packing hearty salads […]

cryofacial from cryothletics

I Tried It: A Cryofacial Treatment from a Mobile Cryotherapy Van

You know those select streets in the city where the jet stream feels like it’s going to rip your face off and sweep you up […]

new athleisure pop-up in the Seaport

A New Athleisure Pop-Up in the Seaport Showcases Comfy Activewear

Your options to shop for athleisure just grew by one storefront with a new athleisure pop-up in the Seaport. Joining the likes of Lululemon, Booty […]

face masks

Nine Natural Face Masks You Can Make at Home

Many of us make an effort to live a healthy lifestyle—we try to eat a balanced diet, exercise daily, get enough sleep, and manage our […]

South End street

The Best Healthy Food, Gyms, and Places to Go Outside in the South End

Streets lined with brownstones, whimsical places to dine, and a flair for Pride embody Boston’s South End. Bordering Back Bay, it’s sometimes hard to know where one […]

Salem Street

The Best Healthy Food, Gyms, and Places to Go Outside in the North End

Foodies and tourists are drawn to the saturated streets of Hanover and Salem in search of the perfect slice of pizza and overflowing bowl of […]