CBD recipes

Turn Your Self-Care Routine Up a Notch with These CBD Recipes

CBD can be found in everything now, from mascara to lotions to cocktails. And it’s no wonder we’re adding the cannabis compound to everything—there’s increasing […]


A Dietician’s Perspective on Fad Diets

Anyone considering a fad diet needs to be reminded that they’re called fad diets for a reason. At best, they’re not useful for long-term weight […]


Aly Raisman Wants You to Meditate with Her

Is the mindfulness practice one of your new year’s resolutions?


What You Need to Know About Robotic Surgery

The breakthrough science of robotic surgery has transformed how patients experience surgery. This minimally invasive approach has a proven track record for quicker healing and […]

Be Well Boston

Introducing Be Well Boston, the New Home for Boston Magazine’s Wellness Coverage

Boston has health and fitness in its soul. From its extensive network of industry-leading hospitals to its world-class gyms to a thriving wellness community filled with the most […]

where to work out in brookline

Where to Work Out in Brookline and Eat Healthy Food Afterwards

Brookline, with its tree-lined streets, cozy restaurants, and vibrant shopping districts, has long been a great place to make your home. With the Coolidge Corner Theatre […]


REI Is Opening Its First Location in New Hampshire

Living in the middle of Boston might make you feel like you’re always surrounded by car horns, buildings, and people, although we do have some […]


I Tried It: The Digital Detox

Is it really possible to unplug for a day?


I Tried It: Sound Therapy

Making some noise at a cushy Boston spa.


I Tried It: Float, Freeze, Sweat

From subzero cryo-chambers to float pods, what won’t we do in the name of wellness?

healthy food in Fenway

The Best Gyms, Healthy Food, and Places to Get Outside in Fenway

Before you head to Fenway for a Red Sox game and savor pre-first-pitch brews at Bleacher Bar, why not try switching your routine up for something, let’s […]


How to Practice Self-Care Through the Holidays

The holidays are a time for giving. Giving of gifts, giving of time, and sometimes giving a little more of yourself than you originally anticipated. […]

Booty by Brabants

Booty By Brabants Announces Its Black Friday Sale

If you don’t have a pair of Booty by Brabants leggings, maybe now is the perfect time to snag a pair and hop on the […]

For Now

Shop for Personal Care Products in a Tiny Bathroom at For Now in the Seaport

Your shopping experience just got a little more intimate. And by intimate, we mean it continues on into the bathroom. Now, before your creeper alarm […]

boston top city to go outside

Boston Is One of the Top 50 Cities in America to Get Outside

Spending time in nature has been shown to improve mood, self-esteem, and overall health, but unfortunately most of us live in concrete jungles, work behind […]