no bake cookies

Recipe: No Bake Cookies for the Holidays

When it comes to holiday baking, some of us are more talented than others. And even if you do like to bake, it can sometimes […]

Intuitive eating

Ask the Expert: Do Diets Even Work?

Our society is steeped in diet culture. We’re constantly being sold on a diet plan to help you “shed 10 pounds” or a workout routine that […]

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10 High Fiber Recipes That Don’t Just Include Oatmeal

Fiber is one of the most important nutrients to include in a healthy diet. It’s the carbohydrate found in foods such as wheat, produce, and legumes that can’t […]

Matt Jennings breakfast

This Is What Former Townsman Chef Matt Jennings Eats for Breakfast

Matt Jennings Claim to Fame:  Matt Jennings is no stranger to the kitchen. He’s a five-time James Beard Foundation Award finalist, has been featured in national […]

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Nine High Protein Snacks to Keep You Fuller Longer

The next time you feel yourself getting hangry, don’t reach for the candy bar. Instead, try one of these high protein snacks to keep you […]


Recipe: Homemade Chicken and Cabbage Dumplings

Is there anything better than a steaming hot dumpling doused in a splash of salty soy sauce and sprinkled with tangy green onions? Dumplings are one of […]

Chef Allen Campbell

This Is What the Author of the TB12 Nutrition Manual Eats for Breakfast

Chef Allen Campbell Claim to Fame: Known as the “Chef of Peak Performance” because of his extensive work with athletes, actors, and entertainers, Chef Allen Campbell’s […]

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11 Healthy Recipes to Bring to Your Thanksgiving Dinner

In need of a last-minute dish for your Friendsgiving or Thanksgiving meal? Scrambling to think of something to bring to the real turkey day? Take […]

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Eight Healthy Mac and Cheese Recipes

I don’t know about you, but after daylight savings kicks in, all I want to do is eat big bowls of mac and cheese (or chili, or […]

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Where to Order the Best Avocado Toast in Boston Right Now

Sometimes you wake up in the morning and the only way you can imagine starting your day is with a nice piece of toast with […]

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Recipe: Brussels Sprouts and Turkey Bacon Egg Muffins

Mornings can be hectic, and sometimes the last thing you have time to think about it is eating a healthy breakfast. These egg muffins are […]

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This Is What a Master Instructor at the Handle Bar Eats for Breakfast

Candice Peak Claim to Fame: Candice Peak probably accomplishes more before 8 a.m than the average human does in a week. She’s a master instructor at […]

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Ask the Expert: What Are the Best Foods to Eat Pre- and Post-Workout?

What to eat before and after a workout can be such a conundrum. Do you eat before your 6 a.m. spin class or wait until you […]

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10 Healthy Halloween Recipes to Celebrate the Holiday

Candy may be the official treat of Halloween, but the food festivities don’t have to stop at peanuts and caramel. If you’re looking for a […]


This Is What a Boston-Based Personal Trainer Eats for Breakfast

Eliza Nelson Claim to Fame: Eliza Nelson graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2015 with a degree in kinesiology and has been a […]